Activity Attendance System Review of Related Literature

Activity Attendance System Review of Related Literature


Chapter two includes the related literature and studies for Activity Attendance System.

The attendance system can help the user and its client to fasten their transactions about the student’s attendance in every school activities.



Events Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometrics and SMS

The Institute of Information and Communication Technology of Isabela State University Echague Campus is now facing problems with regards to monitoring the attendance of the students during school’s activities. Most of the time students are required to attend to all activities as required by the university and the institute itself. But as early days experience until today, the student body organization is having a hard time to monitor the attendance of the students.

The presidents of each class require students to sign their names on a piece of paper as a proof of their attendance in a particular activity prior to start the program/activity. The queues of students in the registration area cause the delay and reliability of monitoring the attendance.

Activity Attendance System Review of Related Literature
Activity Attendance System Review of Related Literature

Miscommunication is another problem of the student body organization of the IICT. Students complain that why they are marked absent since they were not informed about the activity.
Another problem that the student body organization is facing now is the consolidation of the report of the attendance of the students. During the signing of the clearance many students complains that they are marked absent although they are present during the activity and vice versa.

Due to the unreliable reports of attendance monitoring and unreliable monitoring of student’s attendance the researcher were able to come up with a solution to solve the problems the development of Event Monitoring System Using Biometric with SMS.

Student Attendance Monitoring and Identification System Using Barcode and SMS

Management team in school whether primary and secondary school use less computerized system in their management. Most of the schools in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat are using a manual process to monitor the student’s attendance. In a manual system, teachers will take and write down the student’s daily attendance in the record book, then at the end of the month the teacher is responsible to update the record by calculating the percentage of student’s attendance. This showed that the manual system is not strict and the student does not pay much attention to the attendance. Parents also do not know either their children come to school or not. They only know when the report card is given to them, twice a year.
Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) brings a tremendous new technology to change and ease the management to get the information in a more systematic and efficient way.

Because of that, a computerized system that will be named Student Attendance Monitoring & Identification System using Barcode & SMS of INHS(Study on SMS Application) system has been proposed to be developed and implemented for management team in school. The target of this system is to monitor the daily student attendance and to inform parents about the attendance of their children.

This system will be fully computerized and also apply a new communication technology called SMS. All of the daily students’ attendance will be saved in a specific database. When the student log-on by swiping their school ID on the system, it will automatically generate a message that will be sent to the hand phone via SMS.
Hopefully with this system, the student discipline problems will be zero defects in attendance context and the parents will be informed if the student escapes in school. This system also will make the school management system to be more systematic, efficient and smoothly processed.


Bar Code Scanner Based Student Attendance System (SAS)

Student attendance play significant role in order to justify academic outcome of a student and school as overall. Unfortunately, there is no automated attendance record keeping application available in Malaysia’s secondary schools. A preliminary study has been conducted in one of secondary schools in Selangor, Malaysia in order to understand the manual attendance record keeping process. Through interview session, Student Attendance System (SAS) development team, have identified that teachers and school management face problems in recording and managing attendance of their students. Therefore, SAS has been proposed and developed. Need for a tool to systematically keep the students attendance record increased due to increasing number of school students. Upon completion of SAS, user acceptance testing conducted among potential end users. Result of UAT shows most of the user satisfied with the system with some minor changes required.


Aquilan (2004) made a comparable thesis on the automation of time attendance that records the time in and time out of every employee using Key card system. It tends to eliminate the manual recording system of time and attendance and also include salary computation of each employee based on the time and attendance reports. Ramon Faloran (2005) wrote in the article “The Computer Edge of the New Employment and Opportunities “in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He stated that computer gives you a different feeling about what is happening in the company. Business will be highly competitive and innovative because the computer provides instant information. Study by Cantoma (2004) in her thesis entitled “Computer Library System for St. James Academy” stated that, in manual system in retrieving, maintaining security and piling records take place because of the years gone by. Furthermore, these files were only kept in envelopes and folders in wooden rocks.

Activity Attendance System Graphical Report
Activity Attendance System Graphical Report


The research studies are closely related to the present system wherein it discusses the importance of the attendance system. It said that it is better to use an automated process than conventional method for attendance. With the help of different related studies it gives the researcher an idea to enhance the system.

The following studies stated above help the researcher improve in analyzing and developing the system different from the other existing system. It provides to build unique features which help the administration to improve their monitoring of activity attendance.

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