Mobile Based eTicketing System

Project Context

As the study is expanding and having many customers, it faces different problems. With these problems, their system experiences: unorganized transactions, long queue, scammers, unreliable updates about the upcoming events, and the availability of ticket at the ticket store. In the mentioned problems, there are possible solutions that can help the study. The e-ticketing thru mobile application can help the customers, the company, marketing staffs and other employees of the business. The proposed system has many features that can help every user have a faster and easier process. Every business is being known by its good service. The number of people patronizing this business is rapidly growing with the implementation of the e-ticketing thru mobile application, the customers can have a more secured and assured purchase of tickets. With this idea, the company can offer quality services to the customers and a faster, reliable, accessible, time efficient, effortless and easier process of purchasing tickets.

Mobile Based e-Ticketing System
Mobile Based e-Ticketing System

The proponents decided to make a mobile e-ticketing system application to make it more convenient to the business and customers. This will create efficiencies that will provide better ticketing functionality for the customers, potentially reduce vendor fees based on consolidated ticket volume.

Purpose and Description

E-ticketing system mobile application is proposed to solve the problems that the study is facing. The e-ticketing system thru mobile application will create efficiencies to the customers, vendors, and to the company.

The proposed system has many features such as sign up page wherein the customers input some of their data to make an account. Before you proceed to the main interface of the application, you must verify your account first by your email. After you verified your email you will now proceed to the main page wherein the lists of events are shown. Just tap the event that you’ve chosen and you’ll precede to the full details of your chosen event. You can see a pie chart for determining the percentage of the availability of the ticket. Purchase ticket via cards, for the company it promotes upcoming events, user-friendly interface, secured and can help the owner and marketing staffs to earn more profit. But when the chosen event was sold out, it doesn’t mean that all tickets are sold also in ticket stores.

General objectives

The objective of the study is to develop an e-ticketing system thru mobile application for the customers which will help them and the company to easily interact with each other and purchase ticket with ease and in advance.

Specific objectives

  1. Enhancing customer relationship with the company.
  2. Develop a mobile application that enables them to purchase tickets to avoid scammers.
  3. Design a mobile application that is user-friendly for the customers
  4. At least lessen the long queues at the tickets stores. Ticket buyers’ love being able to book or print their tickets immediately. There’s no need to wait for the mail or wait in line at ticket stores. Customers can print their e-tickets immediately after they purchase them.
  5. Implement a mobile application that can promote the upcoming events.
  6. Lessen the promoters in making meet-ups for selling tickets and earn more profit by lesser labor work force.

Scope and Limitations

This study pursues the problems in relation to the ticketing system of a company and aims to provide a better way of ticketing functionality. This study will focus on the mentioned problems in a ticketing system.

The mobile application ticketing system is for customers that enable them to purchase tickets for their chosen event anywhere and anytime as long as they are connected to their Wi-Fi or data, let them know the status and it includes also all of the important details of an event, to know the upcoming events so that they can plan their calendar accordingly.

But this application is non-refundable. Once a customer booked a ticket, it is final. And there is no rescheduling/cancellation of event. Promoters and performers must honor their commitments. E-tickets are also somehow limited because there are also a designated number of available tickets of each event.

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