Faculty and Employee Profile Information System Project Setup

Faculty and Employee Profile Information System Project Setup
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This chapter presents the project concept, statement of the problem, the project constraints, and project documentation and communication.

Project Concept

The concept of this project deals with the accessibility: Current faculty members may review their personnel record by making an appointment with Human Resources in the fastest way of providing information relevant to faculty records. Confidentiality, which is to ensure confidentiality of personnel information, access to an employee's file is restricted to the employee, an authorized agent, and authorized administrators and supervisors. An employee's medical and benefits records file is maintained separately from the personnel file in accordance with the confidential information act. Access to an employee's medical file and any medical-related information is restricted to an employee and the Director of Human Resources or his or her designee. Supervisors generally may not be provided with medical information about employees. A supervisor is entitled to know any necessary restrictions on an employee's duties and information necessary to make reasonable accommodations and most of all for management fast and accurate processing and maintenance of these records that will enhance management decisions and for the improvement of its services to all the stakeholders of the College.

Problem Statement

One problem that may encounter by the College administration is dealing with faculty record maintenance. That is, some records may not be available outright or in the fastest way of providing information relevant to the faculty records, hence, it is most likely were good decision making will also be a hindrance for the management without having complete and current records of these faculty members.

Project Constraints

There can be several constraints that are encountered by the project proponents such as data gathering and financial issues to cover the project.

Project Documentation and Communication

To document the data relevant for the project, the project proponents will wrote a letter to the College administration requesting for interview and data collection at the administrative and human resource office. Upon approval of the said request letter, the proponents will conduct the interview for which data will be gathered and compiled for analysis.

To gather data intended for the proposed project, the proponents will draft a questionnaire where the items or issues are relevant to the present project proposal for faculty members’ record maintenance. After the instrument was validated, the project proponents will conduct the data gathering proper at the Administrative and Human Resource Office by the use the interview method based from the items or issues stated in the questionnaire.

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