Furniture Sales and Inventory Management System Free Source code

Furniture Sales and Inventory Management System Free Source code
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Furniture Sales and Inventory Management System Free Source code

System Modules:

  • Product Module
  • Product Category Module
  • Customer Module
  • Customer Balance Module
  • Sale/Point of Sale Module
  • Sales History Module
  • Items Receiving Module
  • Receiving History Module
  • Item Inventory Module
  • Receivables Report
  • Payment History Module


It is recommended that the choice for the application development software is the Visual basic 6.0, there is no to setting of the Database since Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 has its own Database.

The Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 gives user a more convenience, speed, power and flexibility. In addition, Visual Basic 6.0 leads you into next generation by providing object and event models that help the user to create and modify application faster than ever before, [AS, HFK, and SS 2002].

The following are the software requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Office Packages
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Version 6.0


It will use to operate the proposed system. These hardware requirements must be reliable and efficient. The following are the hardware requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.80 GHz Socket 478 processor

Monitor: 14 VGA Colored Monitor

Memory: 128 MB/256MB PC-133 SDRAM Memory

Keyboard: PS/2 Keyboard

Mouse: PS/2 Mouse

Hard Disk Capacity: 20 GB / 40 GB Seagate Hard Disk Drive

Login Credentials:

Username: Administrator

Password: inettutor

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5 thoughts on “Furniture Sales and Inventory Management System Free Source code

  1. Good work but during logging it gets stuck/error.
    In this line:
    UserLog = clsData.UserLoginTime(CurrentUser, Time())
    It points to Time() method.
    What might be the issue and solution?

    1. Good day, for now you can comment that line of code. it is used to record the login date and time of the user.

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