Web Based Barangay Management System with Mobile App Support Application

Web Based Barangay Management System with Mobile App Support Application

Purpose and Description

The core function of this study is to offer a detailed reliable and secured keeping of all data. Web Based Barangay Management System with Mobile App Support Application hopes to enhance the way of managing, issuing certificate and keeping all the residents confidential records.

This system facilitates Barangay management by enabling the client Barangay to maintain their resident records as complete and up-to-date as possible and as easily accessible for verification, monitoring and reference purposes based on the available residents’ census data kept by the client Barangay. Data provided by this system in the form of comprehensive reports are invaluable for planning, program implementation and related purposes.

Web Based Barangay Management System Dashboard
Web Based Barangay Management System Dashboard

Database Schema

tblHousehold (id, householdno, zone, totalhouseholdmembers, headoffamily)

tblResident (id, lname, fname, mname, bdate, bplace, mage,  gender, skills, igpitID, philhealthNo, highestEducationalAttainment, houseOwnershipStatus, landOwnershipStatus, dwelling type, waterUsage, lightningFacilities, sanitaryToilet, formerAddress, remarks, image)

tblBlotter (id, yearRecorded, dateRecorded, complainant, cage, caddress, ccontact, personToComplain, page, paddress, pcontact, complaint, actionTaken, sStatus, locationOfIncidence, recordedby)

tblBrgyOfficial (id, sPosition, completeName, pcontact, paddress, termStart, termEnd )

tblClearance (id, clearanceNo, residentid(completename, age, gender),orNo, samount, dateRecorded, recordedbby)

tblPermitClearance (id, residentid, businessName, businessAddress, typeOfBusiness, orNo, samount,  dateRecorded, recordedBy)

Web Based Barangay Management System Mobile App
Web Based Barangay Management System Mobile App


Objectives of the Study

The main goal of the study is to develop a Web and Mobile Based Barangay Management System. To automate in order to produce efficient and accurate reports and proper automated file management.

The specific objectives that will help realize the proposed study:

  1. To make an automated system to easily find the records so that it is accurate, complete, accessible and usable.
  2. To secure and safe residents confidential record
  3. To provides detailed information about the residents.
  4. To easily updates resident’s profile.
  5. Secure confidential record of the resident.
  6. Stores the entire resident’s record.
  7. Easy to use and manage.
  8. Fast and easy to locate resident’s record.
  9. Provides backup database of all record.
  10. Issue certificates/permits and other related records.
Web Based Barangay Management System Graphical Report
Web Based Barangay Management System Graphical Report


  • Automatic Business Processes – among the basic components of Web Based Barangay Management System with Mobile App Support Application is its automatic assessment feature which facilitates processing of community tax dues, professional tax, Barangay clearance fees and other such charges which are sources of Barangay revenues.
  • The system also allows for other Barangay-related functions such as those including security and peace-keeping operations such as incident reporting, blotter, reports and records of the Barangay peace-keeping council, and other related services.
  • Forms and Reports – The system prepares and prints Barangay permits and certifications (e.g. Community Tax Certificate, Occupational Permits, Barangay Clearance, etc.) as well as important reports such as Barangay Profile, Socio-Demographic Profile, Residents’ Census Information, etc.
  • Query – user-friendly query feature enables easy searching of records depending on chosen parameters (e.g. by kind of permit and/ or certification issued, by date of issuance of permit/ certification, by client-name, etc.)
  • Standard-based – conforms with Local Government Code Sec. 394 (d) (6) which provides that each Barangay maintain an updated record of residents for easy identification of inhabitants, for use as a planning tool, and of updated reference on the local Barangay statistics.
  • Design and Security Features – User-friendly design using easily-comprehensible menus facilitates utilization of application features. Flexible system makes it customizable depending on the needs and requirements of client Barangay. Back-up and recovery utility for file integrity and security. BMS can also be linked to a client LGU’s existing GIS or Information System which would enable them to generate graphically-enhanced demographic profile for each Barangay.
  • List of barangay officials
  • Household Registration
  • Resident’s Registration
  • Logs for every transaction of the clients
  • Graphical Reports
  • Authenticated barangay certification using PDF417 barcode
  • Secure Barangay database access with authorization

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery, Apache Cordova

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