Student Council Voting System Review of Related Literature

Student Council Voting System Review of Related Literature and Systems

Local Studies

A thesis “Swipe-Voting System of LA Salle Lipa” by Buenviaje,, (2013) focused on developing swipe voting system on the said institution to ease their manual system.  The system uses a swipe machine to perform the voting process.  The similarity of the said thesis to the study is that it has similar objectives and that is to have automated voting system to prevent the duplication of votes and for the student to actively participate in the election.

Student Council Voting System Review of Related Literature and Systems
Student Council Voting System Review of Related Literature and Systems

Source: Buenviaje. Swipe Voting System of La Salle Lipa. Lipa City, 2013.

The difference is that it uses swipe machine while our system uses Online Election uses  computer and any device that is connected on the internet whereas the researchers proposed system would only use the voters code to ensure that the voters is registered and to avoid double voting process.

In the study developed by Rex P.bringula, The UESC (University of the east student council) election system is a lan based system developed to automate the process of election in the university of the east from the tabulation of results. The system aims voting process to the counting and tabulation of results. The system aims to aid the student government in conducting a secured, reliable, fast, and accurate election. The system runs on windows server 2003 and windows vista or windows XP. The software should be run on hardware with at least 1.6 ghz cpu, 384mb Ram, 1024×768 display monitor, and 5400 RPM hard disk. The software requirements call for visual studio 2008, Microsoft .net framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5, MS sql server 2005, and mssql server management student studio express. The modified waterfall model was utilized in the development of the software. The advantages of using the software were derived from these concerns. Though the software was tested before the implementation, testers found out that the software has minor lapses in terms of platform compatibility, deployment, user interface design, logical voter’s status, backup, security, and presentation of results. As a Consequence, issues were raised. These weaknesses served as basis for the development of a web based election system Nonetheless, accuracy and transparacency of the whole voting process overweighed these issues and the winners were proclaimed. Thus, the implementation of the software was successful.

Source: monzales and Bringula . “Experiences in the Implementation of a Lan-Based Election System at the University of the East:Basis for the Development of a Web-Based Election System”. Retrieved from, 2011.

Unlike this system, Online Election Student Council System can be seen as long as the voters are connected to internet with the use of any device, the system has been developed using PHP, MySQL, Xampp, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The advantage of using this software was because this is not a just voting system. This is also a system that creates the election itself

From the study of Claudia Garcia-Zamora, a secure electronic voting system for medium scale online elections. This system efficiently implements a security communication protocol offering protection against double voting and others frauds while avoiding private voting channel. SELES accomplishes all the standard properties of conventional voting system, namely, accuracy, democracy, privacy, verifiability, simplicity, flexibility and double voting detection. This system has been tested in a distributed and heterogonous internet network comprised by workstations, laptops and pda nodes interacting through wired and wireless connections. Additionally, SELES has been designed to deal communication failures, thus achieving a certain degree of robustness. SELES voting protocol consist of three phases: authentication, voting, and counting, this considers the interaction of four entities, namely, voter, authentication server, voting server, and counting server. They implemented in java a fully functional distributed e voting system.

Source: Garcia-Zamora, Claudia. Secure Electronic Voting System for medium scale online Elections.

Our system avoids double voting. Each student will be given a code, in which this will serve as their primary key to vote. The purpose of this is to be assured that there will be no flying voters that will exist.

According to the research entitled “Computerized Voting System for Lyceum Student Council” of Aytona,, (2008), this was designed to lessens the time exerted by the LSC during the election.  The development task assigned to each election officer can now be done automatically and to ensure the security of the system, password was required, thus, only the authorized user can access this system.

Source: Aytona. Computerized Voting System for Lyceum Student Council. 2008.

The research and ours system has the same purpose. The purpose of our system is to lessen the time in casting vote and tallying the vote. Our system has login form to be able secured the votes and to avoid non registered students use our system..

Foreign Studies

The study entitled “Election in Vancouver, Canada” by Global Election System(2012) uses a system if automated voting called Accu- vote which is considered more advanced and reliable from their previous system the manual counting and tabulation of votes. Accu – vote reads the ballot as it is deposited into the ballot box, stores the information and prints cumulative totals of all votes cast after the closing of voting.

Source: System, Global Election. Election in Vancouver, Canada. 2012.

The study and our system has the same purpose, the purpose of our system is to give automatic counting of votes, and to give reliable system. The students will cast their vote in the candidates form, when the voting is closed the system will present the results.

Another study entitled “New Electronic Voting System of Paly Voice Student Council” (2005) stated that the student can vote at home. A student must have change their shadow account password using Window computer Paly Campus, When accessing the voting website at home, the login system connect to the Paly domain and digital locker servers attempting to verify a student’s identity using LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) with his/her username and password.

Source: Council, Paly Voice Student. New Electronic Voting System. 2005.

Online Election Student Council System is a system can be used anywhere as long your device is connected to the internet, you can actually vote if you got the code that the facilitator is giving. The Student No. represents the students who are enrolled on the university.

A study of Chun-Hua Chen, the “practical voting system for small scale election” is presented one server- private information retrieval electronic voting scheme with secure coprocessor. In the scheme, they only protect personal privacy but also increase the security of the voting procedure. Besides, using only one server can lower the cost. This idea can be used in small-scale elections practically, because of the high security it offer’s, low cost, and good efficiency, by this novel and practical electronic voting system, electronic voting can be applied easily in everyday life.

Source: Lan, Chen and. “A Practical Voting System for Small-scale Election”. Retrieved from, 2011.

As a comparison, Online Student Election System also has one server, the developers will make this because we know that his software is efficient to use just like the practical voting system for a small scale election.

Siriporn Thammawaja proposed a project, the “Thailand Election Voting System”. The aim of their work is to design a secure electronic voting system for Thailand action. They have investigated many technologies necessary for security and privacy providing. They proposed this design in order to ensure the security privacy for the voters; all conversations are done through anonymous and unstoppable channel to confirm the security. Their system is also receipt-fairness but does not allow each voter to specify the random number.

Source: Lertwatechakul and  Thammawaja. “Design a Secure Electronic Voting System for thailand Election”. retrieved from, 2010.

The main advantage of this system is that is has a personal verification as a proof unlike the proposed system that each student needs to go first to an admin in order to be notified as one of the voters. Online Student Election System shows the total tally of the result of the election.

Technical Background

Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP as its known today is actually the successor to a product named PHP/FI. Created in 1994 by RasmusLerdorf, the very first incarnation of PHP was a simple set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binaries written in the C programming language.

The purpose of this tool in our system is to developed web for Online voting system in order to view the website by the use of internet connection. It produced the different parts of the website like forms, which includes the login form and the registration and personal information form. On the other hand, PHP was used as a way to connect to the database and to store information the user is giving like personal information of the user, the messages sent online and the announcements posted in the system.


MariaDB is a community-developed, commercially supported fork of the MySQL relational database management system, intended to remain free and open-source software under the GNU General Public License.

It serves as the database, the information and data that the voters applying it automatically stored on its database.


In the system, JavaScript was used as the main scripting language to have an interactive user interface and different functionality that were needed by the Student Council for their voting, making the system more interactive to the user.

We will use JavaScript as scripting language, it makes the website more interactive and use for animating contents in the system


In this system, HTML served as one of the tools of making the web pages of the system. HTML was used to enhance the environment of the OSAS for their voting like the font-size, font-face, and font-color used, and also gave a user-friendly interface for the users to enjoy browsing the web pages and use the services offered by the Student Council.

In this development tools, we will use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to build the structure and interface of the Online Voting System.

Credits to the authors and developers of the study/project

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