SMS Based Grade Inquiry System Capstone Project

SMS Based Grade Inquiry System Capstone Project


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The capstone project entitled “SMS Based Grade Inquiry System” is an SMS based platform for students to inquire for their grades. The grades are encoded in a database that can easily be converted in to SMS message to be sent to those students who inquire for grades.

Grades reflect and measure student’s performance in school. Grades also serve as a basis for educators to guide and facilitate student’s learning development. It is important to correctly calculate grades for the benefit of both the students and educators. In the conventional way, students personally go to their teachers or school registrars to line-up and make request for their grades which take valuable time and too much effort for both the students and the staff in-charge. The conventional way of inquiring grades also involve paper work for the reason that the report cards are produced via hard copy. This existing system can be improved by relying on a system that automates grade inquiry.

SMS Based Grade Inquiry System Capstone Project
SMS Based Grade Inquiry System Capstone Project

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the aforementioned problems is to design and develop an SMS based grade inquiry system which enables students to inquire for grades in an easy and fast way. The SMS based system will help students know their garnered grades in the end of the semester without leaving their homes. The students just need to send a text message request to the system and they will be automatically receiving an SMS message containing their grades in a specific semester and school year. The students can be assured that they will be receiving the correct and secured report of grades considering that students only with correct ID number and password will be catered by the system. The system is efficient and will lessen the burden of the students in inquiring for their grades.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – this project aims to design and develop a system which will allow students to access their grades via SMS.

Specific Objectives

Specifically, this study aspires to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To design a system that will disseminate grades of the students faster using SMS.
  2. The system will allow students to view their grades in a more convenient and time-saving way.
  3. To design and develop a system that will replace the conventional way of inquiring grades.
  4. The system will provide a much more efficient way of connecting to a student’s academic performance without lining in the registrar.
  5. Design a system that could generate reports based on the user requirements
  6. To test the project using the combination of self-made and standard instruments.

Significance of the Study

The study is beneficial to the following individuals or group:

Academic Institutions. This will help them have a more effective way in distributing grades of their students.

Students. This will help them easily inquire for their grades. They just need to send an SMS message to the system and they will also receive their grades via SMS.

Researchers. The success of this study will contribute to their knowledge and skills as programmers.

Future Researchers. They can use this study for their own version of the project. The future researchers can use the documents as their related literature while the program can be modified based on the future requirements.

Development Tools

Software Compatibility

This system will run on any desktop computers or laptops using Microsoft Windows 10. It uses XAMPP Server as a server application for the database of the system. The system also uses MySQL as its database. Proposed system will also use PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) and HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) as the development tools for the SMS Based Grade Inquiry System.

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