Online Vehicle Rental System Capstone Project

Online Vehicle Rental System Capstone Project

Proposed System

Technology’s advancement has provided quicker ways to get things done. Technology made changes in our lives today. People rely so much in technologies even in transportation. Nowadays, not all people can afford to buy a vehicle that they will use in travelling. Most of those who can’t afford rely in renting vehicles as an alternative but the problem is it takes a lot of effort and time in finding vehicles that would satiate their selves while using it. In this era, people have less time and more works to do that force them to travel, they need vehicles that would make them reach their destination on time with comfort. To address this problem, the researcher of the proposed system entitled Online Vehicle Rental System aimed to provide a platform that would let transactions involving rental of vehicles to be convenient.

Online Vehicle Rental Capstone Project
Online Vehicle Rental Capstone Project

In the existing system, the customer has to go in the office where they can get vehicle for rent and book it. The propose d system will made a development in this existing system, instead of going physically to rent a vehicle the customer just need to utilize the system.

The proposed system has two sides, the user’s side and the admin side. The user’s side are the clients who are in search of available vehicles to be rented. They can book a vehicle for a trip, business meeting, and wherever they want to travel. The admins are responsible in the management of the vehicle rental services. The admin will keep track on the bookings, rental services and maintenance. For transaction purposes the user/customer need to log in their accounts for contacting and booking.

System Implementation

The proposed system will provide a convenient way for the customers to rent a vehicle in a faster and efficient way. For further development of the proposed system, the researchers will be providing questionnaire that would make some clarification in the functionality of the system. The possible difficulties that might be encountered while operating the system will also be cleared. By doing this, the system will be further enhance and develop.

Objectives of the Study

 To create a system that would make rental transactions convenient.

  1. To create a system that is very accessible by the users.
  2. To provide fast, accurate and efficient way of renting vehicles.
  3. To let the administrator and the customer interact regardless of space.
  4. To let customer rent a vehicle with ease.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from this project:

User/Customer. The success of this project will highly benefit the users. It would be very convenient for them to find a vehicle that would bring them to their destination. Using this system in finding and renting a vehicle would not take so much time and effort.

Administrator. If this project succeed, it will be easier for the administrator to handle transactions involving vehicle rentals. It will be easier to manage in updating available vehicles to be rented and booking of those rentals.

Project Plan/SDLC

The researchers of this project make use of the Software Development Life Cycle involving six steps:

First, the researchers determine the project requirements. This is where researchers determine the requirements of the proposed system such as software and hardware to be used.

Second, the researchers gather data through conducting an interview to the management office to determine the important information needed for the system.

Third, the researchers analyzed the data gathered from the management office. This is to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the system.

Fourth, the researchers design the system basing on the requirements specified.  This is where the design of the system is presented in a detailed and organized manner.

Lastly, the researchers encode the codes while keeping in mind the previously defined requirements.  It is also performed in this stage the debugging process to determine the flaws of the codes and removed critical issues. In this stage, the researchers make sure that the software work flow is stable.

Development Tools: PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap

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