Lot Reservation System with Mobile App Support

Lot Reservation System with Mobile App Support

Lot Reservation System with Mobile App Support


As of today’s population grows continually, the needed to have a lot has been hard for people to find and reserve if there is an available one. In order to lessen this kind of problem the researchers of the system entitled lot reservation with mobile app support lend a hand to provide people a lightweight way to reserve a lot nearby or distant, additionally supported by Mobile app so that they can make reservation of  lot portable and easy. In making today’s reservation is quite hard, take some time to do the process and most of it is costly, but with this proposed system all of that will be forgotten. Since, this system only provides the beast and efficient lot reservation and powered by through Mobile App which is literally the solver problem for user in their everyday lives. This Mobile App operates in smartphones OS such as iOS, Android and others.

Lot Reservation System Dashboard

Lot Reservation System Dashboard

Talking about reservation, the fact that this kind of process would contain a lot of effort, paper works, and recordings (admins), costly and causes errors if operating manually. To address the gap, the researchers provide improvement from the current system. It is now a mobile based application which is totally easy, handy and error free for the admins and also of the users.

With this system, users can easily find and reserve lot every time. They retrieve data or information that will be store in the application, they will provide enough information for them to know and then if they would to have reservation or transaction they can easily make it, without any hassles. Additionally, admins will also be operating the system and will provide information for the users.

System Implementation

This System Implementation was meant for the end users and for the admins, making the reservation and transactions easy and portable. The researchers made some procedures to ensure the successful outcome for this project; they provide questionnaires, clarification and difficulties while operating the system.

Objectives of the study

1.) To create a mobile based app system that will minimize the user of paper or paper works and errors, and to save time, money and effort.

2.) To develop system that will provide enough information needed for the users.

3.) A system that will act as interface transactions between admins and users.

4.) To design and develop a mobile based app for the convenient of the admin and for the users.

5.) To fill the gap that the current system lacks of.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals will benefit from this system:

Admins: With the help with this system, the works of the admins will effortless be done on time and can make the man excellent in workings. This system will help them less their effort in organizing, keeping, and recording information since everything will be stored in an applications.

Users: In the side of the users they can make easy and handy reservation using this system. This would not create another job for them to be done since everything could be transacted in an application; they only have to download it.

Proponents: the successful of this system, is one of the considered benefit that the proponents could have, besides with that, their knowledge and understanding about their proposed system will harness more.

Project Plan/SDLC

In this proposed system, the proponents use the SDLC model to identify and solve problems, which consist the six cycles.

First phase is determining the project requirement. In this phase the researchers will choose what requirement will be used, whether its software or hardware. After the researcher chose, the proponents proceeds to the second phase which is, to gather data; in this phase the researcher conducts interview to the management office to collect information. Next, the researchers will to analyse the gathered information; they will analyse the data so that they can identify all the information needed for the development of the system. After that the designing phase will takes place, in this cycle the researchers will design the system regarding on the requirement specified, the design created in detailed. After the designing phase, the coding phase starts, in order to build the system, the researchers should perform the last cycle. This is where the researchers will encode all the codes for checking if there is error or the program will be successfully debugged. This last process will ensure if the system is stable or not.

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