List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

Our team have compiled a list of IT related capstone projects with documentation (proposal and complete documentation).

Proposal documentation usually consists of the following topics:

  • Title of the project
  • Brief Description
  • Rationale
  • Project Context
  • Objectives of the Study (General and Specific)
  • Significance of the Study

List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation - Ads
List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation – Ads

We can also customize the contents of the proposal based on our outline.

Complete documentation includes the following:

  • Chapter 1 (Introduction and Background of the Study, Project Context, Purpose and Description, Objectives of the Study, Significance of the Study, Scope and Limitation and Definition of Terms)
  • Chapter 2 (Review of Related Literatures, Synthesis, Conceptual Diagram)
  • Chapter 3 (Technical Background, Research Methodology, SDLC Model and Phases, Entity Relationship Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, Cost Benefit Analysis, Operation Feasibility, Technical Feasibility, Schedule Feasibility, System Architecture, Programming Environment, Implementation Plan)
  • Chapter 4 (Result , Discussions and Analysis of Data, explanation of the results based on the data gathered from the survey instrument)
  • Chapter 5 (Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations)

We can also customize the contents of the documentation based on our outline.

List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation
List of Capstone Project Titles with Documentation

Here are the list of capstone projects:

  1. Android Based Fitness App using Kotlin
  2. Android Based Instructional Material for Java
  3. Android Based Math Learning App with Quiz Feature
  4. Arduino Based Entrance Gate Alcohol Detector
  5. Bantay Baha – a Web and Mobile System with SMS and Push Notification
  6. Barcode Based Truck Recognition and Monitoring System
  7. Bluetooth Based Door Lock with SMS Support
  8. Business License Processing Management System
  9. Cashier Queuing System with Web Push Notification
  10. Complaint Handling and Evaluation Management with Business Analytics
  11. Curfew and Travel Pass Information System
  12. Development and Implementation of Barangay Management System
  13. DictioLator-Web and Mobile Based Dialect Dictionary and Translator Application
  14. Dynamic Barcode Based School Event Attendance System
  15. Equipment Monitoring with Preventive and Calibration Report Generation
  16. First Aid Knowledge Based Mobile Application
  17. First Aid Mobile App Guide
  18. Home Owners Association Information and Notification System
  19. Housing Information Management with Mapping
  20. Information Management System for 4Ps Beneficiary
  21. Interactive Student Handbook for IOS and Android
  22. Kiosk Based Bus Dispatch Viewing System
  23. LPG Leak Detection and Auto-Off System with Online Monitoring and SMS Notification
  24. Mobile Application for NPK Content Analyser using Color Sensor Algorithm
  25. Mobile Based Common Ailment Guide with Admin Panel
  26. Mobile Based Farm Management System with Admin Panel
  27. Mother tongue Mobile App for Elementary
  28. Offline Android Tagalog to English Translator Application
  29. Online Bus Booking and Reservation System
  30. Online Donation Platform for DSWD
  31. Patient monitoring and tracking system of family planning in the community
  32. Persion with Disability (PWD) Information System
  33. Product Locator Kiosk with Mobile Application Support
  34. Real-Time Fish Catch Monitoring with Decision Support System
  35. RFID Based Attendance Monitoring System
  36. Schedule Reminder Application using Hybrid App Development
  37. Student Academic Performance Tracking and Monitoring System
  38. Ticket on the Go – Mobile Based Event Ticketing App with Admin Panel
  39. Web and Mobile Based Entrance Examination with SMS and Course Recommendation
  40. Web and Mobile Based Health and Nutrition Application
  41. Web and Mobile Based Monitoring and Tracking of Fertilizer Delivery Products
  42. Web Based Dynamic Voting System with Mobile Application Support
  43. Web Based ELearning for Science and Health
  44. Web Based Employee Performance Management with Online Recruitment Module
  45. Web Based File Management and Faculty Deliverables System
  46. Web Based Virtual Tour Guide Application
  47. WhatPix-Mobile Based Picture Guessing App

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