Introduction and Background of the Study for Online Integrated Enrollment System

Introduction and Background of the Study for Online Integrated Enrollment System


Nowadays, computers serve an important role in our society, most especially in the school setting. Most schools use computers to help their students deal with our modern technology. But as the population of the students continues to grow, many schools face difficulties in handling their enrollment through a manual process. One of the solutions to this problem is to change manual enrollment to a computerized system. The System Design Project, Enrollment System will provide the needed information in a faster, more convenient way by storing files of the student enrollees in a computer system that will lessen the effort of faculty and staff on storing files of every student. This information here can be viewed quickly without worrying that a single file might be lost. The idea behind an enrollment system is not a new concept. As student enrollees increase every year, the enrollment procedure becomes more challenging. This program will only serve to alleviate the problem facing enrollment by providing an easier way to handle the enrollment process.

The proponents’ study focuses on the development of Online Enrollment System for Academic Institutions to provide a solution to the problem encountered by the school in operating its manual enrollment system. This has been done not only for the benefit of the schools and researchers, but also for the field of information technology in our country. In addition to providing a fast response to each transaction, it will increase effectiveness in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy of the process. The proponents came up with the study entitled System for Public Schools because the students have suffered the tedious and time consuming manual enrollment system.

The proponents’ main purpose is to develop software to improve the old manual enrollment system for public schools, to manifest the optimum benefits that the user would get once the new enrollment scheme is implemented, to design an effective and efficient system in terms speed, of reliability and accuracy, and to ease the enrollment system for computerized- system effectively to benefit both the faculty and students.

Background of the Study

A computerized system is a way or method that manages processes practically in all workplaces. Computerized system is more advantageous than manual procedure or method because it minimizes the time of gathering the files and data, thus making the procedure fast and efficient. It reduces human errors and processing time; therefore it can boost productivity and result in a higher quality of product produced. In Information System, computerization is concerned with interrelating different but interdependent transactions.

It is natural for students to assume that problems may occur during the day of enrollment and this problem may come poor scheduling and poor management of enrollment flow. But when the academic institutions has planned and has enough people to render services to the high number of students, students will feel greater satisfaction with the enrollment process.

Moreover, enrollment systems, whether manual or automated involve a process of entering and verifying students’ information that enables a student to be officially enrolled to a particular school. However, doing manual procedure or method may oftentimes cause errors or mistakes on data and information which are being processed. Thus, an Online Integrated Enrollment System is one of the best ways that can decrease the workload and provide accurate and efficient information needed by the school. Perhaps this is one reason why many schools and universities all over the country and even globally use automated information system. Enrollment System tends to reduce paper used in any transaction easier and faster. It is also tends to reduce the amount of manpower needed and to process any transaction in regards to enrollment transaction.

In sum, Online Enrollment System is very important in that it benefits not only the students but the administration as a whole.

From the aforementioned premises, the researchers would like to propose a online enrollment system for academic institutions in the hope that this would provide a significant amount of help in producing accurate information and efficient services to the students and thus, lessen human efforts required for the enrollment process

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