iFan: Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino

iFan: Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino

The project is a system that will be able to monitor ceiling and electric fans activities whether the fan is active, inactive, and also for monitoring the room temperature.

Hardware Components:

  • Arduino Components:Arduino Uno, Breadboard, LCD
  • Relay Module
  • Temperature Sensor
  • PIR Sensor

iFan Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino
iFan Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino

Related Literature, Studies and Systems

Automatic Fan Speed Control System Using Microcontroller                    

According to Mustafa Saad, et al (2013), these studies elaborates the design and construction of fan speed control system to control the room temperature using pulse width microcontroller. They used C Language and their values displayed on LCD. As calibration process, two methods were used, where the results of the calibration showed that the temperatures of the room were close to each other using the LCD, the thermometer and the voltmeter in each test time. Moreover, the fan speed will increase automatically if the temperature room is increased (www.psrcentre.org).

Sensory and Control System for Smart Fan

According to MohdFahrul (2015) together with his proponents,this control system in a fan comprising the different features; a temperature sensing module for determining the surrounding temperature when the fan is operating. An object locating module for constantly detecting the location of objects or human within an angle of oscillation of the fan; a motion detecting module for detecting the presence of humans to trigger the operation of the temperature sensing module and the object locating module when there is presence of human; and a microcontroller for processing signals from the modules and provide output accordingly for on/off operation of the fan, varying the fan speed, and oscillation angle of the fan(www.researchpub.org).

Local Literature

An Artificial Intelligence System for Monitoring and Security for Vehicular Plate Number in Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna

According to Joseph T. Seranilla (2014), the system was made and developed together with his proponents torecord the incoming and outgoing vehicle that passes the vehicular gate of the institution.The system is working in a proper camera placement within the required distance to capture the front view of the vehicle. The lighting, vehicular position, camera placement and plate number positioning have a big effect on detecting the plate region of a vehicle. These are the reason why the proponents set a stop box mark where the vehicle should touch to clearly identify by the camera.

The detection of the system was successfully done with a proper set-up of camera’s range from the target image. The background or environment is a big dilemma of the system

therefore the camera is enclosed to the vehicle and as much as possible no other images will be captured just the parts of the front view of the vehicle (www.dlsu.edu.ph).

Smart Home Electricity Management System Using Cloud Computing (SHEMS)

Developed by Marvin G. Garcia (2013) together with the proponents.According to them, one of the primary concerns of the school is its electrical energy consumption and also the biggest problems in school. And here comes the related studies about this system. The concepts of this system include an online data power consumption and manipulation of a power supply of the connected electrical appliances. Thus, it enables the consumer or establishment to track the real-time power consumption which allows users to save power. The system consists of a controller (web server), website, and hardware interface and software application for monitoring the power switch control (www.jacn.net).


With the help of related studies and systems mentioned above, the researcher accumulates ideas on the developed system, the previous studies and projects will assist the researchers/developers to design and develop a similar project that will fit the needs of our clients.

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