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First Aid Knowledge Based Mobile Application

Introduction of the Study

14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

The capstone project, “First Aid Mobile Application” allows user to provide first aid during emergency. The mobile application will provide the step-by-step process in doing the first aid for the specific injury or illness.

First Aid Knowledge Based Mobile Application
First Aid Knowledge Based Mobile Application

By definition, first aid is an immediate medical attention or treatment for anyone who has suffered a sudden illness or injury. Having knowledge about first aid is essential in order to respond to emergency cases and be able to relieve pain, maintain life, promote recovery and prevent the patient’s condition from worsening until professional medical help arrives. Given the fact that many people still do not know how to provide first aid in emergency situations; patients often end up in the worst possible condition or even die. People need a credible source of information in order to learn about first aid and respond in emergency situations without having to attend first aid seminars or workshops.

Proposed Solution

To address the aforementioned concerns, the researchers of the study proposed a First Aid Mobile Application, which aims to provide users with a source of information about how to perform first aid. The application is available for download and use in emergency situations. The user just has to input the injury or illnesses that occur unexpectedly, and the application will provide them the step-by-step process in administering first aid. The software will aid in the response to emergency situations and in saving of lives.

Objective of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of the project is to develop a first aid mobile application that is loaded with information about how to do first aid in different type of emergency situations.

Specifically, the project aims the following objectives:

  1. To develop an application that provides first aid knowledge to the user by using this application.
  2. To develop an application those also have animated videos on how to properly conduct first aid.
  3. The application will contain process of first aid for different kind of injuries or illness.
  4. To provide users a platform to communicate to emergency hotlines after administering the first aid.
  5. The application is accurate and reliable.

Project Context and Features of First Aid Mobile Application 

The proposed capstone project is a web and mobile based application designed to provide informative resources on first aid. The core modules of the system are the following:

Web or Online Resource Center – the project is a web and mobile project wherein the information is stored in the central repository for archiving and updating of information related to first-aid. User base can upload the contents of the app by downloading the available and updated resources from the server.

Offline Based Resources – users can still use the application without an internet connection. These offline resources are very important in case of emergency since the users can still access the app without connecting from the internet.

Mini Dictionary – technical terms on first-aid are also available and one of the core feature of the project.

Emergency Contact Information – users can save the contact information of hospital, rescue team, and other emergency contact information.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is deemed beneficial to the following individuals or group:

Users. The application will help them gain knowledge about first aid and use it during emergency cases.

Professional Medical Respondents. The application will help them in their work given that the patient was already given a first aid; there is high chance of saving the patient.

Researchers. The researchers of the study will gain credits in developing a helpful app for the medical field. This will contribute to their knowledge and skills as programmers.

Future Researchers. The study can serve as their basis in doing their own version of the project.

Development Tools

Researchers will use Java or Kotlin for the development of the first aid mobile application . PHP, MySQL or MariaDB and Bootstrap will be used for the online resource center of the proposed project.

Proposed Testing Procedure

White box testing. Is a software testing method in which the internal structure/ design/ implementation of the item being tested is known to the tester. White boxes are the IT Experts and developers who know how to test the system.

Black Box Testing. Is a software testing method in which the internal structure/ design/ implementation of the item being tested is NOT Known to the tester. After the above testing, results and recommendations will be recorded to further improve the system.

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