Fire and Smoke Detection System with SMS Notification

Fire and Smoke Detection System with SMS Notification

Proposed System

Technology has a lot of advantages especially in terms of disasters. Developing a system that could help in fire prevention is very essential. In connection with this, the researcher of the proposed system entitled Fire and Smoke Detection System with SMS Notification aimed to provide a system that would serve as an alarm in case of fires through an SMS notification. The system is very helpful in many areas like industries, companies, offices, malls and even at our home. The system can detect fire through its sensor and then it will directly send an SMS notification to notify the personnel about the fire that might occur. The proposed system will serve as precautionary measures against fire occurrence. This system is very effective if managed well.

Fire and Smoke Detection System with SMS Notification
Fire and Smoke Detection System with SMS Notification

System Implementation

To ensure the effectiveness of this system, the proponents will be presenting this to the end user. The researchers will provide a questionnaire to the end users to be answered. The end user also can give their suggestions and recommendations to the proponents to further improve the system.

Objectives of the Study

This system is easy to operate. The system will be very helpful to different areas that need fire alarms. The system will help prevent major damages and losses created by fires. The system will serve as the warning in cases of fire occurrences. This system is an efficient alert that detects fire and smoke.

Significance of the Study

The following groups or individual will benefit from this project:

Users. The system will be very beneficial; this would really help in case of emergencies. The users would be immediately alert if there are fire occurrences in their houses or even in industries, companies, malls etc. They would worry less for they will immediately know and take immediate action on it.

Proponents. If the project results significant, it would be a privilege at the same time for the proponents to thoroughly understand their project.

Project Plan/ SDLC

The researchers of this project use Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). For this project, the researchers utilizes the six steps which are; determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analysing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, the requirements specification. Software and hardware are the proposed system requirements to be used are determine by the researchers. Second is gathering data. Interviews to the management will be conducted by the researchers and will gather data or information for the system. Third is analysing data. To be able to identify the required information needed in the development of the system and viable solution to it, those data analysed by the researchers was being analysed. Fourth, phase is designing. The system will be designed by the researchers and will specify the desire features. The conceptual model of user requirements whose block of codes where produced and defined its specification and operation in detail. A systematic approach is used to create a design by application of set of techniques and guidelines. Fifth is coding. Encoding codes is done by the researchers and with the help of a technical expert to debug the program and to check if there are errors. To determine the reliability of the system an incorrect data is used to test the system. Also part of it is maintaining the system.

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