Event Tabulation System in Android Chapter 1 Documentation

Event Tabulation System in Android Chapter 1 Documentation



Computers changed the world and here to stay. They have changed people lives in everything they do. It is used for storing and processing data; they can serve as huge knowledge bases and can be harnessed for all sorts of transactions due to their processing power and storage capacities. As computers are a daily utility, they have gained immense importance in day-to-day life. Their increasing has made every business organization and educational institutions switch from paper based to automated systems.

Technology is now fast growing and today must establishment and institution in the country uses modern technologies for them to be able to serve clients fast and efficient and to improve, provide accurate tabulation system as well as fall count and anticipation as early as possible and a lot of problems solved by the computer technology.

Event Tabulation System in Android Chapter 1 Documentation
Event Tabulation System in Android Chapter 1 Documentation

There are many innovations that helped several organizations in a profitable way. Just like using Android Operating system for Mobile devices. An android is the customizable easy to use operating system that power more than power devices across the globe from the phones and tablets to watch TV, cars and more to come.

Because of the many benefits of the said OS, a lot of things can happen and becoming more possible and most of all portable.

This project is intended for the academic institutions, it aims to utilize a mobile based tabulation system for every events and contest that the school is conducting.

Every time the school holds sports events and other contests they are using pen, paper and boards for the tabulation and generation of and it is hard to calculate and it consumed a lot of time.

The said activities will be headed by the sports and cultural office of the school, thus, this project will be managed and maintained by the said office with the help of the IT people of the institution.

With the above supporting statements, the team has decided to develop a tabulation system in android. The project will help the school especially during events which could help them calculate, tabulate and generate results of the contest in a timely and accurate manner.


This capstone project aims to design, develop, implement and maintain a tabulation system that runs on android devices.

1. To identify the requirements needed by the school especially in the different events conducted by the school.

2. To convert the user requirements into a working system that will replace the manual process of tabulation.

3. To determine the quality of the developed software based criteria of McCall’s Software Quality Model:

  • Correctness; Flexibility;
  • Reliability; Testability;
  • Efficiency; Portability;
  • Integrity; Reusability;
  • Maintainability; Interoperability;
  • Usability;

4. To evaluate the satisfaction of the end-user.


The project will be implemented based on the requirements provided and needed by the end-users. The output of the project is an application that only runs on android devices; the said application can also be installed on desktop and laptop with android emulator. It is not a guarantee that the project will fit your requirements since the said project is a customized system based on the criteria given to us by our clientele. The android based tabulation will run in the local area network of the school and it work without an internet connection.


The system will be a big help for the judge, students and teachers of the school. It will be of great assistance for the user decision making and for the judges in calculating the scores of every participant such as solving the final results.


The study will give them accurate and complete scores of tabulation.


The study will give the emcee the venue to view the result of

the events in different categories.

Future researcher.

This will serve as basis if they will conduct a study about event tabulation system.

Judges. This system aims to give accurate and effective system in tabulating the scores in different categories. With the use of the new system it is beneficial for them in terms of: they   don’t need to manually calculate the scores in each category, less time to be    spending in calculating score and paper less material requisition. The outcome will lead into more efficient and better services to the school.

Player. The study will give them a clear result of tabulation event.

Researchers. This study will give the researcher an outlet to further develop their programming skills. This study will also improve the research and thesis writing  skills of the researcher.

Teams. The study will give them a clear result of tabulation in every category.

Definition of term

The following terms are the related word for Android-based event tabulation system for NONESCOST.

Android. Is an operating source system primarily use in mobile devices

Category. Types of areas in different events in NONESCOST.

Emcee. She/he is the master of ceremonies and has the capability to see and announce the results of the event.

Events. Anyone of the contest in a sport program/event in the school.

RAD. Is the software development methodology that uses planning in favor or rapid prototyping. A prototype is a working model that is functionality equivalent to a component of the product.

Teams. A group of person who plays in particular category.

Tabulator. A person or a thing that arrange the data in tabular form during the event.

Tabulation. It is to arrange information in an organized way so that it can be recorded during the events of the school.

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