Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students

Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students


Serious games use entertainment principles, creativity, and technology to meet government or corporate training objectives, but these principles alone will not guarantee that the intended learning will occur. To be effective, serious games must incorporate sound cognitive, learning, and pedagogical principles into their design and structure. In this paper, we review cognitive principles that can be applied to improve the training effectiveness in serious games and we describe a process we used to design improvements for an existing game-based training application in the domain of cyber security education.

That is the case of electronic games, representing a valuable interactive space for the education, and that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere in the world. The new technological brought facility of access to communication by the increase of storage capacity of news and by the processing speed of information in real time, promoting their educational applications inside and outside classrooms (Teixeira, 2009). In this sense, there are various studies that come to positive results after analyzing the application of specific games in a classroom context. This is especially factual when it comes to the improvement of concentration, the stimulation of task performance, the improvement of visual intelligence, and hand-eye coordination (Beedle & Wright, 2007; Ferdig, 2007; Graells, 2001; Van Eck, 2006). Lévy (2010) adds to that, asserting that the Collective Intelligence is a determining factor in competitiveness, creativity and human development in a knowledge based economy, or in an information economy on the network society.

Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students
Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students

Electronic games are bringing forward a greater complexity of objectives as well as a challenging environment for the player. Competitors must be capable of learning to define a hierarchy among a wide range of tasks. In this instance, the player must choose the ideal course to follow and define the main goal because the game itself does not always do so. Furthermore, one must be able to use the interactive and communicative tools supplied for the exchange of experiences that permit the establishment of links with other players who can help in obtaining success, argues Johnson (2006).

Educational quiz game for Hotel and Restaurant Students helped students to visualized and encourages interaction can be presented in computers in the form of text or in multimedia formats, which include photographs and animation, the guided drill are computer program that poses questions to students, return feedback on students’ performance. Recent guided drill system incorporate the principles of education in addition to subject matter knowledge into computer program.


This study aims to design and develop a computer-based Educational Quiz Game for Hotel and Restaurant Management students with the following objectives.

  1. Enable student/individual to move at his own peace.
  2. Provides student/individual indefinite review material.
  3. Enables the student/individual to view his/her assessment score immediately after the game test.
Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students User Interface
Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students User Interface

Methods Use

The targets of this system development are mainly for the Hotel and Restaurant Management students, the developer of the program, computer literate, knowledgeable with the system and the admin.

The researchers let the respondents of this study to test the Educational Quiz Game System and to find out that the respondents claimed the effectiveness and efficiency of the system Educational Quiz Game for Hotel and Restaurants Management Students.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The result of the study was revealed that using Computer Assisted Instruction in HRM student as an alternative in teaching process provides advantages for the students and teacher.

It can stimulate and sustain the learners attention because of the interesting activities incorporated in Educational Quiz Game. The institution should implement this in order to improve the student interest in learning. If ever the Department of HRM implement the system they can use one of the laboratory of IT Department it depend upon on both department head. It also provide as a training ground for the student for their skills and knowledge about the subject. The Department head must embrace technological changes especially in the learning processes of the students.

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