Online Patient Information System Free Download in Bootstrap and PHP

Online Patient Information System Free Download in Bootstrap and PHP


The healthcare industry is continuing to modify its usage of technology to improve the services provided to hospital stakeholders. A hospital is a place where people are treated and cared for. Health care providers rely on the records of their patients when treating them. Patient demographics, progress notes, difficulties, prescriptions, vital signs, past medical history, and other essential records are included in the patient’s information. Conventionally, the patient’s information and records and managed and kept manually. The information is paper-based and is kept in physical storage which is prone to human errors and other serious difficulties. Inline with this, the researchers aim to design and develop an online platform capable of recording, managing, and storing patient information electronically. This will aid hospital employees in processing records and maintaining patient information in a more timely and accurate manner. It will aid in the storage and management of patients’ vital information for their convenience. Hospital employees have easy access to and retrieval of patient information. The researchers will develop the project following the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique. The project’s output will be subjected to evaluation by a panel of IT experts and intended end-users for further suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the system. The target users of the system are hospitals, doctors, and nurses.

Introduction of the Study

The healthcare field has been enabled by technological progress, which has supplied them with improved tools to help them operate more efficiently. The “Online Patient Information System” capstone project aims to automate the recording, storing, and retrieval of patient data. A system is a superior approach that will ensure that patients’ information is kept accurately and safely.

Every day, hospitals are swamped with paperwork. The higher the stack of medical records to maintain grows as the number of patients grows. The patient’s information is kept private and serves as a valuable resource for future patient consultation. Patients’ information is traditionally kept on paper and retained in physical storage. This method is obsolete and inefficient. Records are prone to errors, are easily misplaced, and retrieval takes a long time. Hospitals’ response times to patient requirements and questions will be slowed by the existing system of records administration. The necessity to address this problem and improve hospital records management operations has become even more pressing.

Proposed Solution

The researchers offered an IT-based solution to address the aforementioned challenges. The researchers proposed that the Online Patient Information System be created. An internet platform that will make it easier to maintain patient information records. Paper-based patient information records and physical storage in hospitals will be obsolete thanks to the system. The accuracy of the patient’s information records will improve. The system will increase the security and privacy of patient information. Furthermore, it will facilitate and speed up the retrieval of medical records by hospitals. Overall, the technology will make hospital medical records management easier and more efficient.

Online Patient Information System Free Download in Bootstrap and PHP
Online Patient Information System Free Download in Bootstrap and PHP

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The researchers want to create a web-based patient information system that hospitals can use as a centralized platform to manage patients’ information records.

Specifically, the researchers aim the following objectives:

  1. To enable the computerized recording of patient information.
  2. Patient information records will be stored on a consolidated platform.
  3. To improve the accuracy of the information documented in the data records of a patient.
  4. To improve the security and confidentiality of patient information records by limiting access to only authorized personnel.
  5. To make it simple and quick to get a hold of a patient’s information.
  6. To evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, efficiency, portability, productivity, quality, and reliability.

Scope of the Study

This research focuses on the creation of an online patient information system. The researchers will create a web-based platform that will technologically change medical record recording, storage, and retrieval. Only hospitals and healthcare facilities are allowed to use the system. The system will improve the overall efficiency of hospitals in managing patients’ medical records. To participate in the study, the researchers will gather a sample size of hospitals, their staff, and patients.

Significance of the study

This study is expected to be a great help to the following:

Doctor. The proposed development of the system will make retrieving patient records easier for doctors.

Hospital Staffs. Staff can gain a lot from this study because they are such an important component of the clinic.

Nurse. The proposed system will also make it easier for the nurse in retrieving data about the patients.

Patients. The proposed system will give the patients a reliable result and also a better service of the clinic staff.

Researchers. The study will further enhance their skills and knowledge as researchers.

Future Researchers. They can use the study as a basis for the future development of the version of the system.

Development Tools

The Online Patient Information System is a capstone project that aims to make the process of recording, storing, and retrieving patient information more efficient. In hospitals, the system will increase operational efficiency and records management.

This article will provide you with an overview of the kind of forms that should be included in an Online Patient Information System. The template was created using PHP and Bootstrap.

The project’s documentation is accessible upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the project’s entire documentation.

Project Highlights

The Online Patient Information System is a database-driven system that will securely store medical records for patients. It’s intended to serve as a consolidated platform for hospital records management.

Advantages of the Online Patient Information System can be classified into the following:

  1. Easy Navigation of tasks – the staff can easily and conveniently record and store patients’ information.
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that converts paper patient information into electronic, secure, dependable, and quick records.
  3. Reporting — the system is capable of generating real-time reports of patients’ information.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will discuss the forms, modules and user interface of the Online Patient Information System.

Login Form– this form will be used by the end-users to access the features and records of the system. The users will input their username and password in the form to login to the system.

Shown below is the design of the system’s Login Form.

Patient Information System Login Form
Patient Information System Login Form

Dashboard – this dashboard serves as the main page of the system administrator. The dashboard display major records that can be access and managed by the system administrator.

The dashboard mainly display the following information:

  • Number of Consultation
  • Number of Doctors
  • Number of Patient

The image shown below is the design of the Administrator’s Dashboard.

Patient Information System Dashboard
Patient Information System Dashboard

User Account – this module will allow management of the user accounts in the system.

The following pieces of information will be encoded in the system:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Usertype
  • Fullname
  • Adress
  • Age

Displayed below is the design of the User Account module.

Patient Information System Update User Account
Patient Information System Update User Account

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Free Download Source code


The goal of this study was to evaluate the present system that hospitals utilize to manage patients’ information. According to the preliminary assessment, hospitals rely on a traditional approach of printing patients’ data and storing them in physical stores. This method was found to be inefficient and prone to numerous mistakes. As a result, the researchers created an Online Patient Information System to simplify the management of medical records and offered it to the target end-users.

The study’s findings revealed that the designed system satisfies the demands and requirements of the intended end-users and respondents. The system was rated satisfactorily in terms of user acceptability, efficiency, portability, quality, productivity, and reliability by the respondents. The system is thought to be effective in managing patients’ medical records inefficiently. Patient information records management will be simple, quick, convenient, accurate, and efficient by using the system.


The researchers strongly advise the system’s use based on the study’s positive findings. The system is recommended by the researchers because of its efficiency and dependability, which may be provided to the intended end-users. The experts also recommend that end-users educate themselves with the system’s features and functionalities before using it. The researchers primarily advise hospitals to implement the system. They should set up the system in the office that is in charge of keeping track of the patients’ medical records. This is to make the recording, storing, and retrieval of medical records more straightforward. The system’s adoption will make patient medical records more accessible. management is simple, quick, painless, accurate, and efficient.

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