Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System

Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System


14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

The incorporation of technology to operate the manual form in every medical operation is critical to fulfilling the responsibility successfully and efficiently. Maintaining tasks and duties in medical establishments without the assistance of new technology and performing all information-related tasks manually is indeed difficult to achieve because medical operations alone are difficult to fulfill how much more is the impact of difficulties when performing it without the consideration of making the task using advanced and simple methods. To offer precise and accurate results in medical laboratories, the researcher of this study implemented the capstone project titled “Multi-branch Laboratory Management System.” The system integration will serve as a centralized platform for several medical laboratories. The technology will allow medical personnel to do correct labs and generate precise reports for patient information, records, and laboratory results. The system will be developed as a flexible platform, allowing it to be used and accessed by multiple branch laboratories. The system will consolidate all laboratory branch information or data onto a single platform system. The researchers hope to create a centralized platform where consumers and lab doctors may both access and freely communicate online, independent of diagnosis. The project will be developed using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique by the researchers. To ensure seamless and accurate functionality, the project will be tested, checked, and evaluated. The system’s intended users are medical clinics, their doctors, employees, and patients.

Introduction of the Study

The healthcare industry is continuing to modify its usage of technology to improve the services provided to hospital stakeholders. A hospital, clinic, or medical center is a place where people can get medical help. In the course of treating patients, doctors rely on the patient’s medical records (past and present), particularly the results of their medical laboratories. To give the exact and accurate result, the researcher of this study implemented the capstone project entitled “Multi-branch Laboratory management System”. The system integration will act as a consolidated platform for several medical laboratories. The system will enable medical professionals to perform laboratories accurately and produce precise reports for the patient’s information, records, and laboratory results. The system will be designed as a flexible platform, allowing many branch laboratories to use and access it.

Generally, a laboratory considers unsafe software for recording, producing laboratory or test findings, and storing outpatients’ and patients’ information. The platform they typically use is limited, with only one individual or medical laboratory facility having access, which frequently results in information mix-ups and data inconsistencies. As a vital protocol in the medical sector, patient information must be kept confidential; only the prescribed doctor and the patient would be aware of the information. However, retaining records in an insecure manual manner would not be appropriate. In laboratories, test results, patient information, and laboratory findings are required, therefore a centralized, flexible, and secure system is essential in this sector of medicine.

Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System
Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System

Proposed Solution

In response to the aforementioned concerns, the researchers proposed the creation of the Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System. The aforementioned project is a platform that gives correct test results and exact information to various medical health laboratories that patients use. The platform is web-based, and patients can communicate with administrators or doctors regarding their medical reports or test results. The project’s implementation saves a lot of time and money for the end-user, the doctors, and the patients. Doctors may incorporate accurate test medical laboratory data, and they can also communicate with patients via this system even if they are not physically present. Patients can also use the system to view the findings online, saving them money and time, and they can query the administrators or doctors about the results via chat. The system will be utilized to save results for longer periods, as this medical information might also be used by patients in the future.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective– The project’s major purpose is to design, develop, and implement a multi-branch laboratory management system that will streamline the exact results and precise information that will be delivered to patients.

Specifically, the researchers aim the following objectives:

  1. Clinical development of a centralized system that many medical laboratories can access and use.
  2. To facilitate and simplify patients’ outcomes, information records, and medical reports that will serve as a reference for health physicians.
  3. To put in place an online transaction platform for laboratories and their patients.
  4. To provide a platform that allows patients the ease of checking up on laboratories and alleviating any burdens they may have felt if necessary.
  5. To assess the system’s user acceptability, effectiveness, productivity, quality, and dependability.

Scope of the Study

This study concentrates on developing a centralized system for multi-branch laboratory management systems. The system is limited to storing different types of medical laboratories and allowing patients to access for them to check and monitor the result in a pretty convenient way. The doctors or clinic staff operate the system, only authorise one can access then record the specific result to a specific patient. The researchers will develop the platform based on the predefined project requirement and needs of the intended users. The platform is specifically designed only for hospitals and every medical laboratory since this system is fixed as a flexible system, which means that only not one medical laboratory can access and use it. The target users of the system are hospitals, medical labs staffs, and physicians or doctors.

Significance of the Study

Lab Doctors: The system will assist them in processing their patients’ laboratory results in a timely, convenient, and accurate manner. They can perform or make records automatically through this system, without the inconvenience of generating a paper copy; instead, they will simply record the results, and the individual patients will have access to those results. They can deliver better healthcare to their patients.

Patients: The project’s success will greatly benefit them by providing them with a conveniently available and accessible platform from which they can easily monitor and check the results. They can save time and effort by not having to go to the lab to get the findings. They can openly ask questions about the outcomes by using the system.

Hospitals and labs: If the initiative is successful, they will have a centralized platform to keep records of patient information and test results for future use. This will make it easier to retrieve files or data that can be used as a reference by doctors when diagnosing their patients.

Researchers: The study’s success will improve their research abilities and knowledge.

Future Researchers: The study can be used as a reference or a guide in the development of their medical transcribing platform.

Development Tools

“Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System,” the capstone project, is intended to enable medical professionals to perform laboratories accurately and produce precise reports for the patient’s information, records, and laboratory results.

This article will provide you with an overview of the kind of forms that should be included in a Multi -Branches Laboratory Management System. PHP and Bootstrap were used to develop the project.

On request, the project documentation is provided (chapters 1 to 5). If you require the whole project documents, please contact us.

Project Highlights

The Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System is a database-driven system that stores different types of medical laboratories and allows patients to access for them to check and monitor the result in a pretty convenient way.

The following are some of the benefits of the Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System:

  1. Automated Process – records management, lap operations, and tasks, and report generation is all much easier to handle.
  2. Records management – it is a database system that converts paper records into electronic records that are safe, dependable, and quick.
  3. Report generation — the system can generate real-time lab activities reports.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will discuss the forms, modules and user interface of the Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System. The researchers will explain the detailed features and functionalities of the system.

Dashboard –  this dashboard serves as the homepage of the system administrator. The admin will land on this page when logged in to the system.

The dashboard mainly display the following information:

  • Tests
  • Cultures
  • Antibiotics
  • Patients
  • Contracts
  • Home Visits

Shown below is the design of the system Dashboard.

Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System - Admin Dashboard
Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System – Admin Dashboard

Doctor Information Management – this module will allow the system administrator to manage doctor’s information in the system. The admin can add, edit, update or delete doctor’s information.

The following information will be encoded in the module:

  • Code
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address
  • Commission
  • Total
  • Paid
  • Due
  • Action

The image shown below is the design of the Doctor Information Management module.

Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System - Doctor Information Management
Multi-Branches Laboratory Management System – Doctor Information Management

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the pre-existing methodologies of medical laboratories. The study reveals flaws in the existing system, and the researchers see room for improvement. As a result, the researchers created a multi-branch laboratory management system and presented it to the responders and end-users. The findings of the study demonstrated that the developed system met the demands and requirements of the study’s target end-users and responders. The majority of respondents perceived the system’s potential and gave it positive scores in terms of user acceptability, efficacy, quality, productivity, and reliability.

Providing a system that is not specifically designed for single usage is extremely important since many medical branches and laboratories can use the system in a sane setting. At the same time, the technology will aid in setting the groundwork for future patient visits and medical diagnoses. It makes storing and retrieving transcribed data and information easier, faster, more accurate, and more convenient. As a result, the researchers concluded that the proposed system is an excellent platform for extending life development by providing patients with superior healthcare.


The study’s impressive findings prompted the researchers to campaign vehemently for the system’s implementation. The Multi-branch Laboratory management system is recommended because of the efficiency and dependability it may provide to the intended end-users. It will improve the security and confidentiality of the files containing the patients’ medical records, such as records, data, and test results. The researchers also emphasize that to use the system properly, the intended end-users should become acquainted with its features and how it operates.

The following are the specific recommendations of the Researchers:

  1. The researchers recommend that laboratories and doctors install the system to handle their patients’ laboratory results swiftly and conveniently.
  2. The researchers primarily urge that the method be used in hospitals for them to have a trustworthy reference for future patient diagnosis and to deliver better and quality health care to patients.
  3. The platform is highly recommended for the safekeeping and quick retrieval of a patient’s test result files and medical reports.

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