Patients’ Medical Analysis and Laboratory Record Keeping System

Patients’ Medical Analysis and Laboratory Record Keeping System

Project Concept

Project conception generally starts with a manifestation of a requirement or an opportunity that will benefit the corporate interests, and culminates when one or more preliminary options have been formulated which will, satisfy the company’s expectations.

Patient Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code (Free Download)

Patient Management System Project i...
Patient Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code (Free Download)

The system will be implemented at the Medical Plaza and utilize their existing network and computer hardware components. The users will access the new application through their existing Local Area Network. There is no data to be converted since this will be a new application and service.

The proposed system will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of care in clinical practice. Primarily, this study has the following hypothesis: The current system is very time consuming, inconvenient and strenuous when it comes to recording, updating, storing, organizing, and retrieving patient’s records in the cabinet. The proposed system is the best solution to do away with the old method of data keeping such as folders and file cabinets, which do not allow easy retrieval. Not only will records be more accurate, the clinic can also accommodate more patients than ever before

Problem Statement

Specifically, this study aims to answer the following:

  1. What are the common problems encountered with the existing manual system of managing a clinic?
  2. What are the possible solutions to the problems encountered with the current system?
  3. What is the difference between the manual system and the proposed system?

Project Scope

In general, the focus of this study is directed towards the design and development of an automated medical record system. The study is largely dependent on the honesty, sincerity and integrity of the respondents. In this proposed system, records and files are computerized and stored in the database for accessibility and portability. However, the proponents limit the feature of the system to doctors and staff only. The system has a secure log-in for doctors and staff.

Business Constraints

This chapter discusses about the business constraints of the said system, identify its business requirements and constraints, and articulate a business goal.

Business or Project Goal

To design and develop a computerized medical record system for Medical Plaza Clinic.

Target Users/End Users

The end user of this proposed system will be the doctors and staff of Medical Plaza.

Benefits to the Users

Reduced response time, reduced error rate, Simplification of daily tasks, sharing of resources, increased productivity.

Time Frame or Schedule

The study covered only from July 2012 to March 2013.


Consider all resources necessary for a successful deployment, not just the capital expenditures. This includes the following:

  • Existing hardware and network infrastructure

Reliance on existing infrastructure can affect the design of a system.

  • Development resources needed to implement the deployment design

Limited development resources, including hardware, software, and human resources

Technology Strategy

System Development Life Cycle

The Modified Waterfall Model is used by the researchers as a system development life cycle model. Every phase of the model indicates the specific task to be done to achieve the desired output. The result of phase 1 is the basis for a detailed set of requirements. The phases are also capable for changes, making the process change the cycle and step back from the previous phase wherein improvement and changes take place.

The modified waterfall model is the appropriate and effective procedure for the system development of Medical Record System. The feedback became the basis for a good step forward in order to develop better software. However, progress is difficult to track the upcoming problems which lead to different decisions in which at the end correcting it will be more expensive. The System Development Life Cycle phases were requirements phase, analysis phase, design phase, coding phase, and the last was the testing phase.

Project Documentation and Communication

These are the instruments or tools use for documentation and communication process of the proposed system. Some of these tools are questionnaires, empirical observations; research and analysis use by the proponents as they conduct the proposed study.


An Interview is defined as a meeting of two people face to face to confer about something or an act of questioning to receive a desired answer that is necessary in solving a specific problem. This is where data gathering occurs by asking questions for much needed information from the interviewee verbally and directly.


This technique is used when the researcher cannot secure adequate or valid data through the use of the questionnaire or some other technique. It is considered to be the most direct means of studying people in so far as their behavior is concerned. Observation of a current operating procedure is another data gathering tool seeing the system in action gives you additional perspective and better understanding of system procedures.


Research is simply, the systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic or problem. It is systematic study or investigation or something for the purpose of answering questions posed by the researcher. It includes reviewing journals, periodicals, and books to obtain background information, technical material, and news about industry trends and developments.


A pre-written series of questions used in gathering important information’s from one or more persons. This will be given to the individual who have a direct bearing of the study and in order to satisfy the proponent’s goal that is to get and measure the opinions, polls and attitude of the respondents of the study

Project Status if still on going. The project will be developed using VB.Net, Visual Basic 6.0 and web based version (PHP and MySQL).

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