Information Management Security System

Nowadays we have suffered a lot of problems, there are: crimes, unexpected incidents and so on. Lack of security is on top. In this incident we can’t assure our safety in our daily lives, every time and everywhere.

Before we desire to enter in a campus or any establishment, traditionally we always used to present our ID to the guard, a little checkpoint on our belongings and then you can easily enter inside without checking it strictly whether the ID is already expired, invalid, and the worst, if it is fake. People can easily enter any particular places like offices, schools or any establishments because they are not implementing strict requirements to the individual to enter because they are just looking on their ID. Therefore, the people who have entered inside an establishment can’t assure their safety.

By this scenario, we introduced the Information Management Security System, for us this is the best way to ensure safety.

This Information Management Security System will be efficient because of its significant purpose is to make us more convenient and more secured.


The primary aim of the system is to give convenience and reliability and most of all is it computer-based system in terms of entering into any establishment. The following are the main objectives of the system:

  • To promote security in the establishment.
  • Determine or to monitor all the people entering the vicinity.
  • To help staff work organized and makes work easier.
  • To automate the existing system of manual operation and maintain the records.

Project Context

The most important application of identification technology would have to be security and identity protection. An employee without the proper identification may not be allowed into certain areas of the building. This is designed as a security measure, so that unauthorized people do not mess around in the business areas.

With the increasing number of false identity it is not surprising that the technology continues to introduce new and better ways to do this for our safety improvement. Identification system has become a very reliable way to ensure security.

This is the best way to ensure that only authorized personnel are entering the facility. IMSS will make double-check the identity of a person by using the system. The Information Management Security System helps to manage all the people who are entering inside the ESTABLISHMENT because it promotes the safetiness of all the people inside. It can also help to run the growing business more efficiently.

The student may use this study for educational purpose especially with Visual Basic 6.0, .Net, PHP and MySQL, because they may gain some knowledge for their subject. They may also propose this type of system when they have their own thesis and reference and for related literature. They will have an idea on how this system works. They may also propose this in any organization and institution.

Information Management Security System is using a Barcode Reader; it is used to automate data collection. When someone scans the ID, the personal information of that certain person will be detected and be known where you can see his/her basic information like Full Name, Address, ID or Serial Number, Rank and where he/she assign after that you can already enter inside. And if ever the barcode is malfunctioning, we also made the back-up where you can use the input type system. It is the same function as the barcode the only difference is that you need to enter your ID number or serial number in the computer.

We can code the system using vb6,, php and mysql

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