LAN Based Entrance Examination System in Visual Basic and MySQL with Android Application

LAN Based Entrance Examination System in Visual Basic and MySQL with Android Application

General Overview

LAN Based Entrance Examination System (LBEES) is a system in which entrance examination in college is conducted through computers. The system provides the advantage of generating examination results within a single minute after finishing the examination.

LAN Based Entrance Examination System (LBEES) is a tool for test administration that replaces paper and pencil types of examinations enabling speedy checking and scoring of examinee’s answer data. The LAN Based Entrance Examination System (LBEES) system does not measure the examinee’s ability in the operation of the computer. The examinee’s score will depend entirely on his/her performance in the examination. The computer test and the paper-and-pencil test use equivalent test forms.

LAN Based Entrance Examination System provides fast and printed results to the examinees. It is a user-friendly system and provides quality service to the students as well as to the guidance counselor. The system will only be activated using a username with its corresponding password for confidentiality.

System’s Methodologies

The researchers used the data flow diagram as system methodology to show the flow of data in LAN Based Entrance Examination System. The data flow diagram (Shelly, 2001) shows how data moves through an information system but does not show program logic or processing steps. It represents a logical model that shows what the system does, not how it does it.

The person in-charge will let examinees log in to the LBEES system using the users account. By clicking the register menu, the examinees shall provide all the needed information about himself on the registration form. After providing all the information, the examinees should click the submit button to submit the form and then the take exam button to start the examination proper. The profile of the examinees as well as their examination results will be stored in the system’s database. The LBEES system will provide printed results to the examinees.

The guidance counselor will provide the username and the password to activate the LAN Based Entrance Examination System (LBEES) system. Then the system’s database will provide the list of the entire applicant who takes the examination as well as their complete profile and examination results. This data will help the guidance counselor know who among the applicants passed the entrance examination and who qualify to enroll in the institution.


This section presents the software, hardware and people recommendation, the project cost and the cost-benefit analysis. It also includes the project benefits and the project schedule.

Software Recommendation

The following are the recommended lists of software to be used during the development and implementation of the system:

    • Microsoft Windows OS
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 or .Net
    • MySQL
    • jQuery Mobile for the android application

Hardware Recommendation

Below are the recommended lists of hardware for the development of the user interface of the proposed system:

Processor: Pentium 4/Intel Core Dou Processor/ Dual Core Processor/iCore Series

Monitor: Acer X163W Widescreen LCD Monitor

Primary Storage: 512 MB DD2 & Higher Memory

Secondary Storage: 80 GB SATA or IDE Hard Disk/120 GB SATA Hard Disk


  • Standard Mouse
  • Standard Keyboard
  • Standard Printer
  • AVR

Peopleware Recommendation

The target user of the computer-assisted entrance examination is the guidance counselor of. He/she must be knowledgeable with the system and understands the program itself.

He/she should be a computer literate and must have the willingness to undergo training to understand fully the system.

During the examination, there will be persons who will guide and assist the examinees as to how to use the computer.

Note: this project is under development

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