Computer Laboratory Time Management System

Computer Laboratory Time Management System


The Computer Laboratory Time Management System provides a centralized management for workstations, which are managed by the system administrator. It enables suitable time allocation to students based on demand for practical activities by allowing only authorized users with valid username and password to share the few available computer facilities. The benefits that CLTMS provides include; limiting hours when a student can/cannot logon a computer, limiting how long an eligible student can use a computer by allocating them specific time on weekly basis, automatically closing a student’s session when the time is out, recording user statistics like used and remaining hours, remote computer management by the system administrator, authentication and providing security options to protect time settings from unauthorized access.


  1. What is the level of performance of a manually – computer time usage monitoring:
    1. Accuracy
    2. Security
    3. Usability
  2. What is the level of need to develop Computer Laboratory Time Management System?


The purpose of this study is to monitor and limit the usage of every student in the computer laboratory .

This study aims to provide every student a time allocation per semester which allows every student to have a fair usage in the computer laboratory.

Scope and Limitation

  1. The system is designed as client-server architecture in which the server monitors and records the usage of every student.
  2. The said system is intended only in the computer laboratory.
  3. The students who can avail the service are those students who have paid the computer laboratory fee.


The study is beneficial to the following:

Computer Laboratory Maintenance People – it will make their work easier in terms of monitoring the usage of computers of the student.

Students – it will have a fair usage in the computer laboratory. Each student will be given a time allotment for the whole semester.

School Administrators – it will provide the school administrators the exact report of computer usage.


CLTMS (Computer Laboratory Time Management System) – the name of the proposed system.

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