Payroll System in Visual Basic and MySQL Free Sourcecode

Payroll System in Visual Basic and MySQL Free Sourcecode
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Payroll System in Visual Basic and MySQL Free Sourcecode

Background of the study

A computerized payroll system, the employer invests in a computerized payroll software. Using a software such as QuickBooks allows the employer to enter the wages into the system after he has manually calculated them. The payroll and check printing are processed through the system. The employer has access to payroll reports that he/she can print and use to double-check against what she has entered before printing the checks. This allows his/her to  correct any detectable errors beforehand. Computerized payroll system allow you to process all your normal payroll task via a computerized system, rather than by hand. Essentials like name, address, Social Security number and withholding rate for each employee are automatically filled in for every pay period until you make an employee’s record inactive. Many different vendors offer computerized payroll system. Like different word processors or other computer programs, they largely offer the same types of features with slightly different interfaces. Payroll is essentially how employees are paid. It’s the legal paperwork involved. There's more to payroll than just handing out cash or checks. However, after gathering data on what the employees did and compared it to their salaries, some simple payday mathematics will let the employer hand out the dough.

Significance of the Study

A payroll system would be of great aid for the company and to those who will be using the new system. Through payroll system, processing of large volume of data is performed quickly as well as efficiently. The proponents aim to increase the speed in processing payroll performance by means of decreasing manual operation in the payroll.

The proposed system will help the accountant of an organization. Through adopting the system, it will help minimize the time effort of the accountant preparing payment of the employees. The system can accommodate changing figures and provide a paperless environment through well design database. The system can also provide an accurate computation of employee’s wages for the employee.

The proposed system will be beneficial to the company for maximizing its profit and minimizing manpower and additional equipments necessary for computing wages. With the use of the proposed system, computations and gathering will accurate, data manipulating and processing are expedited, report generations ate faster and security for the held are better, and consumes less office space, a powerful business tool that would greatly aid updating of new employee’s information.

For employees they will assure they are getting enough compensation to their work. They can also monitor the salary in their payslip.

Login Credentials

Usename: admin

Password: admin

Database: payroll.sql

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