Web Based ELearning Platform for Science and Health in PHP and MySQL

Web Based ELearning Platform for Science and Health in PHP and MySQL

Project Description

The Web Based ELearning System provides for teachers to introduce educational learning which focused on Basic Science and Health. Teachers assist to their students on social aspects, knowledge about the Basic Science and Health by using this educational software so that the children could easily adopt the type of environment in their learning particularly on their subject in Basic Science and Health.

Web Based ELearning System is accessible in the web. The teacher stands as administrator of the said learning software. This eLearning system design to a user oriented field of study that focuses on meaningful communication of media through cyclical and collaborative processes between people and the technology. ELearning system design has simple and clearly defined goals as to the learning of the students, a strong purpose and intuitive interface. This software design assets distinction, interaction design can be taught of as making devices usable, useful, and fun, focusing on the efficiency and intuitive hardware.

Web Based ELearning System will be developed using a modified waterfall model in which progress is seen as a following steadily downloads like Waterfall through the phases of Conception, Initiation Analysis, Design Construction, Testing, Production, Implementation and Maintenance.

This system will use PHP as programming language in which the general purpose is scripting language that is especially suited to web development and this system could be developed as web application software that runs in the browser and it can created in browser-supported programming language such as the combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS and relies on a web browser to render on the web.

In this study the researchers aimed to develop the Basic Science and Health Web Based ELearning System for the children with subject with Science and Health that could enhance their interest and develop their inter personal skills towards the said subject.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to assess the traditional way of teaching. It seeks the answers of the following questions:

1.)           What are the difficulties encountered by the students in their traditional way of learning method?

2.)           What is the extent of preference of the school to adopt a Web Based Learning System?

Project Objectives

  • General Objectives

 The main Objective of this Capstone project is to design and develop a “Web Based ELearning System for Basic Science and Health”

  • Specific Objectives
  1. Determine the efficiency and the adoptability of the developed system.
  2. Develop the Web Based ELearning System that sustains the interest of the effectiveness of the learner’s through colorful and attractive multimedia. To established a critical bond around this common interest of the children with special needs. This is important because we find repeatedly that children begin to display an interest using computer.
  3. Create a Web Based ELearning System that is accurate, secure and easy to use that will hold a children’s attention for longer and to enhance traditional learning modalities will rarely be motivating.

Scope and Limitations

This study focused on the development of Web Based ELearning System for children with science and health subject in Elementary School. This study tries to determine the effectiveness of the software in gaining students interest in learning and also to determine if this computer software could be one of the tools that could be used in teaching and learning the subject. Video, images, and audio to be uploaded are related to the lessons or topics to be discussed in the classroom. This study only focused the development of Web Based ELearning System for children with science subject. Other topics like English, Math and others are not covered by this study. Only Basic Science and Health subjects are the content of this system. Only the authorized teachers can access in this system.

Significance of the Project

The outcome of this project will benefit the following:

Researcher: Implementing of Web Based ELearning System will be beneficial to the researcher in terms of their effort and knowledge.

Teachers: Implementing Web Based ELearning System helps to assist their students with special needs on social aspects in the said subject.

Students Web Based ELearning System could enhance their interest and develop their interpersonal skills.

Software Development Life Cycle

Data analysis

The requirements are gathered from the end-user by consultation, wherein suggestions are given. We had also conducted a survey questionnaire which was validated by the three experts (IT Expert, English Grammarian, and Researcher). And these questionnaires were used as our data gathering tool that measures the performance of the manual system which serves as our basis for the development of our proposed system.

System Design

The prototype and the proposed features of the system are created in this phase. Also the concrete understanding of how the system will operate is developed. In here, we identify all the necessary system inputs and outputs, design of data, processes and interfaces.

Source coding

In this stage, we materialized the whole idea of the software to be designed. We created the program for the proposed system. The actual coding of the software is based on the system design and the requirements needs to be met. This is where the proper execution of the previous stages ensures a smooth implementation.

Program testing

In this phase, the researcher performed series of testing to check for any possible problems may arise during implementation and operation of the software and if the specification has been met.

 System acceptance   

This is the final stage, where the system is being installed and to be maintained after actual implementation. One must take into consideration are the hardware and the software requirements for the proper installation of the system. As part of the acceptance of this phase, the client is required to have a user training to enable them to familiarize fully the whole system.


This study aimed to determine the extent of the problem experienced by the respondents and need to develop the Web Based Elearning for Science and Health.

The respondents will be the students with science and health subject. The data in this study will be obtained using observation and interview that will be conducted by the researchers intended to determine problems experienced by the teachers and students in teaching and learning Science and Health; and the need to develop a program (Web Based Elearning for Science and Health).

This paper discusses the importance of Web Based Elearning. It also highlights the purpose and description, the objectives of the project, scope and limitations of the project. It also contains review of related literature, conceptual framework (IPO model), the project methodology (waterfall model) which includes; Data gathering, Data analysis, System Design, Source coding, Program testing, System acceptance. Gantt chart which is the proposed scheduled of activities of this project is also included in this paper. The researchers hoped that the project would be able to provide valuable information and recommendations in using this Web Based elearning.

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