Web Based Car Rental Application in PHP and MySQL

Web Based Car Rental Application in PHP and MySQL

Introduction/Problems Encountered

Car rental business owners are looking for a better way to manage the car rental process, including customer check-in, payment method and real time reports.

Purpose (Proposed Solution)

The proposed project is a systematic way on how to handle the business needs of renting out vehicles to customers, maintaining of vehicle records, and producing real time reports and monitoring the business transaction in general.

Web Based Car Rental in PHP MySQL
Web Based Car Rental in PHP MySQL

The purpose of this project is to design and develop an online application to cater the car reservation or rental process of the business and as well as to solve problems encountered in the current process which is done manually.


  • It increases the efficiency of the management thus it offers quality services to the customers.
  • Provides 24/7 service and information to the customer.
  • Less paper and work load.
  • Enhance business process

Objectives (Features of the System)

This part includes the functional requirements of the system the description of the system, and explanation of each subsystem.

Customer Registration Module – this module will allow the customers to input the necessary information for recording purposes.

Online Reservation Module – this module is accessible only to the registered customer. It will allow the registered customer to make a booking for the car that he/she wanted to rent.

Reservation Schedule Module – this module is for viewing the schedule reservation of the cars.

Report Generation Module – provides report such as sales, maintenance, vehicle history, operations, rentals, and insurance. (Daily, Monthly, Sales analytics, etc.)

Payment and Billing Module – this module will allow the customer to select the payment method he/she wants.

Transaction History Module – keep tracks of all the transactions occurred.

Note: the company can request additional features

Scope of the Project

The project will be up and running for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The management or personnel assigned to manage and monitor the web application will be notified via sms or email for every request or inquiry from the customers.

Scheduled Maintenance of the web application is done daily.

Development Tools

PHP(CodeIgniter Framework), MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript. Etc.

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