Web Based School Management System in PHP MySQL

Web Based School Management System in PHP MySQL

Scope of the Project

The objective of the proposed system and basically, the main concern of this proposed system are to speed up the enrollment process, starting from the student registration, student enrollment and assessment and down to payment of fees. Fast and easy transactions with a high rate of accuracy are also some of the major concerns of this system.

The proposed system will definitely shorten and minimize the hassles of the existing system. Still, the procedures are the same like the registration of the students but instead of doing this manually it will be computerized. Before enrollment procedure will start, the system has a capability to setup enrollment process from setting current school year, subject offering and management, section offering and management, add/modify/delete records and etc. After a student register and submit necessary requirements, the student will need to fill up the enrollment form for admission then validate enrollment form by the encoder and encode subjects including class schedules and printed as pre-enrollment form. Student Assessment and billing of accounts will be done on the Cashier or Assessor where the cashier will browse the system and choose student to be billed. After billing, payment of accounts will follow where the system will automatically calculate the total amount paid and amount to be paid then generate instantly reports and receipts. Once the student have paid his accounts or paid some of his accounts then the cashier will release the official receipt.

Web Based School Management System in PHP MySQL
Web Based School Management System in PHP MySQL

This study seeks to develop a system that will address the following:

  • To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting student profiling, enrollment, and assessment.
  • To properly manage the enrollment process in a well-organized manner.
  • To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable enrolment and assessment report of a student.
  • To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports.

The system includes a computerized registration and enrollment form. It allows users to fill in the form and submit. It allows the administrator side to retrieve information. It can severely reduce the amount of duplicate effort required for multi-enrollees. The system would record student information, student enrollment, fees- collected and uncollected and billing of accounts. It cannot be altered or modified by other users (students, registrar, cashier & teachers) except for the administrator (the only one who have full access to the system).

Each module has specific roles in the system that will tell us that it is a comprehensive enrollment system. However, the system is not web based. The following are the main features/modules we will be integrating in the system: (a) Administrative Module (b) Registrar Module (c) Student Information Module (d) Enrollment Module (e) Cashier Module.

Disadvantages of Manual Enrollment System:

  • A lot of time is consumed for both the users and administrators.
  • The enrollment process is slow and time-consuming for the teachers administering the students who are enrolling.
  • A lot of inconsistency and inefficiency of information gathered from the students.
  • Minor discrepancies of personal accounts typically occur.

Proposed System

The proposed computerized high school enrollment system is a multi-function processing operation. Computerization of enrollment information interrelates different yet interdependent transactions in a systematized and functional way.

Here are some advantages of the proposed system.

  • Systems operations proceed faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy than manual enrollment systems.
  • Reduce processing time and human errors.
  • Records can be easily searched and reports can be easily generated.

This topic will enumerate the end-users of the system and their specific functions:


Administrators have full access to the system. They’re the one who manage and control the system.


Registrars are responsible for encoding student information, manage credentials and generate enrollment statistics.


Cashiers are the one who receive payments from the students, manage fees, and create student ledger and other financial reports.

Enrollment Encoders (Teachers)

Encoders are responsible for enrolling students with their corresponding details.


Students are the users who can also view their personal records and etc. in a read-only mode.

Software system attributes

  • The system is designed to run on LAN (Local Area Network) which means that the database is centralized.
  • Each account type of the system has its own password (security level is also integrated).
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