Barcode Based Attendance Information Security Management System

Barcode Based Attendance Information Security Management System

Executive Summary

The project entitled Barcode Based Attendance Information Security Management System is a computer based system that provides easy and efficient way of attendance monitoring in your company and promotes security of individual so that no unauthorized person can enter in the restricted areas. This system helps to automate the manual operation and to maintain the records of all personnel and employees in the company.

We conducted an interview from the few members of our target respondents to gather information regarding the current system they are using; according to them they are using the Reservist Personnel Information. But the problem is, it is place inside the camp not in the main entrance of the building so it means that before the RPI can be use unauthorized people are already inside.

Barcode Based Attendance Information Security Management System helps to double check the identification of a person and make sure unauthorized people do not mess the camp without the proper checking of identity by using the system. When someone scans or input the ID or serial number the information of that certain person will appear and the time of arrival will automatically appear and it can be the source of attendance if ever.

Statement of the Problem

Nowadays we have suffered a lot of problems, there are: crimes, unexpected incidents and so on. Lack of security is on top. In this incident we can’t assure our safety in our daily lives, every time and everywhere.

Before we desire to enter in a campus or any establishment, traditionally we always used to present our ID to the guard, a little checkpoint on our belongings and then you can easily enter inside without checking it strictly whether the ID is already expired, invalid, and the worst, if it is fake. People can easily enter any particular places like offices, schools or any establishments because they are not implementing strict requirements to the individual to enter because they are just looking on their ID. Therefore, the people who have entered inside an establishment can’t assure their safety.

By this scenario, we introduced the Barcode Based Attendance Information Security Management System, for us this is the best way to ensure safety.

This Information Management Security System will be efficient because of its significant purpose is to make us more convenient and more secured. The following problems that arise will help to be solved and to be answered.

Technical Feasibility

The system used the WAMP because WAMP sever is a package that installs Apache, MySQL, PHP and a wall stew of other software useful for dynamic web development on a computer. The system is compatible to different kinds of computer or laptop with 32-bit operating system. The system was written in Visual Basic as the programming language and MySQL as the database or the storage section of the project.

Hardware Specification

The importance of the hardware during the development and implementation of the system must be given attention for the system needs compatible hardware so that it can perform its desired functions.

The following is the list of hardware requirements in developing and implementing the system.

  1. One computer set/laptop


  1. Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0Ghz or equivalent
  2. Memory: 1GB DDR2(minimum) or higher
  3. Disk Storage: 160 GB(minimum)
  4. Barcode Reader

Test Plan

To test the system, we choose three IT experts to further verify the reliability and functionality of our system. We have performed series of testing to check for any possible problems that may occur during implementation and operation of the software and if the specification has been met. The IT experts has tested and evaluated the following: the program design for its objectivity, validity, effectiveness, and completeness of the system. We used McCall’s Software Quality Model Standard as our Measuring tool in the expert testing.

Deployment of the System

In deploying the system it is important to consider the recommended software and hardware requirements.  Software and Hardware requirements are necessary to successful deployment of the system.

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