Census Monitoring Application in PHP and MySQL

Census Monitoring Application in PHP and MySQL


Census by definition is the compilation of records such as demographic profile, poverty profile, economic profile, social services and facilities etc. in order to get the census data of the community they need to conduct a survey to get the information they need.

Census Monitoring Application is an advance and automated process of managing the census monitoring in a certain community, to let go the manual process such as, hand written documents, keeping records inside the drawer that tends to lose some records. It is automated in such a way that all records of census monitoring can be keep and search via browsers. This system will facilitate management by enabling the clients/residents to just search the web site and enjoy all the information about the census monitoring.

The proposed system entitled Census Monitoring Application is an online operation process which you can be able to connect to the site system using internet connection. The functionality of the system varies on how the online viewing of information about the community census.

The manual process system known for us as the paper work based journals that work on just all paper and handwritten job. Here is the common issue that presents the problem of manual system. The manual system is more time consuming in terms of information/data. It takes time to look or find their current file in order to attach the new one. It has also a poor storage of data in the fact that there are cases it was lost. Another problem of the manual system is the paper wastage, beyond our study we found this problem in the reason that their files are just commonly listed on papers and it is not fully secured.

Census Monitoring Application will enable the respondents to view and update all the information they needed via online process. And to be able to determine no. of household, the average of population growth, the number of new residents of every barangay and other related information about census.

This also contains database backup of all the information records in the community. This system can also provide all the necessary information and progress to all residents in an efficient way, and accessible via Internet.

Objectives of the Study

The main goal of this study is to develop a Census Monitoring Application.

This study has its specific aims:

  1. To develop an efficient and useful online process of CENSUS Information which is the Census Monitoring Application, regarding upon the demographic profile, poverty profile, economic profile, social services and facilities. To develop a system that allows the users to easily access the information they needed.
  2. To develop a system the can be easily manipulate by the employee to add, delete, insert & update files.
  3. To develop a system that keeps &organizes the records in a secured manner.

Generally, the effectiveness of the proposed system is very crucial to the residence and employee, because it provides fast transaction and information via web. Compared to the usual system which is very time consuming, misplaced of records, and more paper works to do.

Development Tools:

PHP/Javascript: used for scripting, application functions and plugin such as data table and graphical reports.

MySQL: the storage portion of the application, it is where the records are being kept.

Bootstrap: for the interface and design of the different user interface components of the project.

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