Web Based E-Prospectus in PHP MySQL

Web Based E-Prospectus in PHP MySQL


The proposed “Web Based E-Prospectus in PHP MySQL” is an electronic version of specific student prospectus that contents all the grades of subjects already taken. It has an additional function of evaluating the prospectus of a student for what subject that he/she will be able to take.

The researchers have come up an idea to develop this system because one of the problems is the office personnel and secretary spend time in locating and putting the grades of a student in their prospectus and evaluate it manually before they can enroll. The grades that will be hard to locate are those grades that it almost more than five years and up are past or in another case one of the student lost his/her prospectus. In this process, it will require a lot of time for an assigned person to locate one by one the grades of a certain student. This system can retrieve all the grades of students from his/her first year up to the present and display it the same as prospectus owned by students to avoid the confusion and for familiarity purpose.

Web Based EProspectus in PHP MySQL
Web Based EProspectus in PHP MySQL


General Objective:

The project is focused on the design and development of web based e-prospectus that will help in terms of retrieving grades and subject evaluation in a computerized method.

Specifically, the proposed system will be able to:

  • Provide a Log in Form for Admin and account for authorized person.
  • Allow the Admin and Authorized person to encode grades.
  • Locate, Display & Print Prospectus with grades of a specific student.
  • Evaluate and Display the subjects that specific student can enroll.
  • Add additional records for incoming first year and transferee.
  • The Admin can add and remove another user.


Web Based E-Prospectus in PHP MySQL is a computerized prospectus that evaluates the subjects. The system will be a great help for the IT Department especially during the enrolment period which is one of the busy period. During the enrolment period the students are in the office to get their grades for them to enroll, instead of doing the manual operation of locating and putting their grades in prospectus the system can help to minimize the workload of secretary, working students or any assigned employees.

The researchers come to an idea to develop this system to help the Department in providing the needs of their students especially their grades which each is needed for them to enroll. One of the problems especially during enrolment period that cause delayed in enrolling a student is locating their grades especially if they lost it and they are already in the higher years because the working student or secretary will scan again each of the grade sheets in folders and put it in their prospectus. This system is time saving because all the grades present and previous is stored in a system database and it has a capacity to display it automatically the past and present grades of a specific students base on his/ her student id which is a unique data for each students.

For the upcoming first year students and transferee the admin of the system or any authorized person can add their records which are their personal data to be used in their computerized prospectus. Transferee will be required to submit their TOR and fill up the Subject Accreditation for the secretary or the Dean to evaluate him/her.

The system specific function is to locate and display the electronic prospectus of a specific student that content grades and it can also evaluate the subjects he/she can enroll only. The authorized person has only the right to add, edit, update and delete records in a prospectus of a certain student. For the security of the system the Admin is the only person that can add or delete another user.

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