Manufacturing Management and Monitoring System


Manufacturing Management and Monitoring System   

  1. Introduction

    Manufacturing Management System is a system that keeps track of sales and materials of the company. Properly managing in sales and inventory is essential to this growing company. Manufacturing Management System provides information to efficiently manage the flow of their data, effectively utilize time. It would also cut down the time in finding the files where it has been stored.

  1. Problem Definition

The current system that they are using is spreadsheet/Excel, and because of that some data are not located properly. During there’s a transaction they open the entire folder in order to find that specific data. The sales and report is not really organized. They are using both ways to keep the record of stock purchase, inventory, sales monitoring, etc. Following this method is very time consuming and tedious. It has many drawbacks as there may be mistakes while recording large data and this may disrupt the important transaction.

  1. Objectives

Objective of the project is to develop Online Manufacturing Management System.

Super Admin:

  • Super admin can view all the transaction that being done by the user.
  • She/he can monitor the sales, and also remaining stock.
  • She/he can do all transaction.
  • Super admin easily view the sales of their stock holders.


  • User is the one who encode the transaction of what the system needed.
  • User can’t view the sales.

Project Functionalities:

  • Easily determined Monthly expenses
  • Generate Report
  • Maintain Record
  • Tracking stocks
  • Easily track the sales of stock holder
  • Organized transaction
  • Automatically defined for the account receivable and payable account

Development Tools:

  • MaterializeCSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
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