IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Online Real Estate System

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Online Real Estate System

This article will show you how to create an Online Real Estate System conceptual framework.

The capstone project, entitled “Online Real Estate System” is designed to automate buyer-agent transactions. The said project will allow real estate agents to post and market properties for sale online. The clients also who are in search of properties can easily and conveniently browse for properties that they might prefer. The said project will digitally transform real estate agents’ and clients’ transactions.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To create a system that will convert the traditional real-estate industry into an electronic one.
  2. Buyers will be able to look at houses online with ease thanks to the system.
  3. The client will be able to see the property through the system.
  4. The project serves as excellent marketing and client-attraction tool.
  5. Real estate agents and clients will be able to communicate and do business via technology.

The Figure below depicts a conceptual framework for the proposed online real estate system, which includes the following elements: It is organized into five modules: (1) registration and login, (2) property listing, (3) search, (4) map view, and (5) detail view. Registration and login are the first two modules.

Real Estate System Client Profile Page
Real Estate System Client Profile Page

About the Project

The user registration and login module is responsible for the registration of users, the logging in of users, and the resetting of passwords. A user registration and login page, a user creation page, a password reset page, and a login page with a list of properties are the four sub modules that make up the user registration and login page. The property listing module is used to provide a list of all available properties that match the search criteria entered into the module. Specifically, it is divided into three sub modules: (1) the property listing page, (2) the search result page, and (3) the map view. The search module is used to query properties that users have requested to be displayed to them. Two sub modules are included: (1) a form for entering all of the relevant query parameters and submitting the request to the server; and (4) the detail view, which displays the specific information for each listing displayed on the page. In order to display properties on a Google Map, the map view module must be enabled. A total of four sub modules are included: (1) options for selecting the map type and size, (2) setting options for selecting the center point and zoom level, and (3) a property mark-up function based on the latest Google Maps JavaScript API version.

Benefits and Advantages of the system

  1. One-stop shop for all your real estate needs.
    2. Easier access to information about real estate properties.
    3. More efficient way to search for properties.
    4. More convenient way to communicate with real estate agents.
    5. Faster way to transact real estate deals
    6. Easier way to connect with other real estate agents and sellers.
Conceptual Framework of Online Real Estate System
Conceptual Framework of Online Real Estate System

The conceptual framework for the project Online Real Estate System is depicted in the figure above. It is based on the input, process, and output model, or IPO model.


The project will begin by evaluating the present process, which will lead to the stage of determining the users’ needs, also known as the user requirement stage. The researchers will also need to compile relevant papers and systems to use as a guide for the project’s development.

Problem Identification and Brainstorming

When it comes to real estate, there are advantages and disadvantages to both manual and online automated processes. Real estate agents that use a manual method have greater personal control over the process, and they are able to undertake more in-depth duties with their customers. When it comes to processing paperwork and transactions, a manual approach, on the other hand, is not nearly as efficient. Aside from that, if there are any technical difficulties throughout the transaction, this could result in delays and other issues.

An automated approach is significantly more efficient because all of the paperwork can be completed online by a real estate agent, making it far more convenient for everyone. Everything is controlled by a database, and the system is generally reliable. Although some people have had problems with online automated systems in the past, this is primarily due to the fact that they lack a “human” element and do not always take into consideration particular situations.


The researchers will select and choose the optimum software development life cycle model for the project in this section.

Analysis and quick design, prototyping, testing, deployment, and maintenance are all part of the process.

An online real estate system would give a much-needed service to the real estate business, and its development is now underway. A real estate listing system would allow for the listing and searching of available properties for sale, as well as the creation and administration of real estate listings. The technology would also allow for the construction of an online real estate marketplace, where buyers and sellers could interact in real time, if the system were to be implemented.


The project comes to life and is executed in the real world after all of the necessary procedures have been completed. A new project is born, and it will be maintained for the project’s long-term survival.


The creation of the study’s conceptual framework was discussed in this article. For the study’s conceptual framework, the researchers used the input, process, and output model (IPO model). The researchers will begin the project by determining the problem and the system’s user needs. In order to support the project, the researchers will explore for related literature. After gathering all of the project’s essential inputs, the researchers will begin the process of developing the project. The researchers will select a suitable SDLC model for the project. Once all of the necessary processes have been completed, the project will be brought to life and deployed in the real world. A new project is born, and it will be maintained for the project’s long-term survival.

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Online Real Estate System
IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Online Real Estate System

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