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Canteen Sales and Credit Management System

Canteen Sales and Credit Management System Database Design

Title: Canteen Sales and Credit Management System

Introduction and Description:

The project entitled Canteen Sales and Credit Management System was designed and developed using Visual Basic and MariaDB. It is a system that will run in Local Area Network or LAN. Canteen Sales and Credit Management System is a study intended for the store owners of the cafeteria inside the school canteen.

Sales and Credit Management are the two most important features that were incorporated in this project since this will help and improve the business process of the store owners especially in tracking and monitoring the credit line of their customers.

Most of the canteen store owners are still using pen and paper method in recording their sales as well as the debt/credit of their client which is very prone to errors. Inventory management is also a big problem since they are using a manual process, which is why monitoring of stocks, and items are very troublesome and the reports are not so accurate.

Health Care Information Management System for Senior Citizen

Health Care Information Management System for Senior Citizen

Health Care Information Management System for Senior Citizen

Project Context

Leading healthcare organizations have stressed the importance of integrating information technology (IT) into healthcare systems to improve provider practices, increase the quality of patient care, and reduce medical errors. One missing link plaguing the deployment of technology into healthcare is how to incorporate practical, usable clinical information systems into the work environment of providers. This missing link is most evident in the organizational structure of nursing homes.

As appealing as today’s senior living communities may be for many people, some seniors just prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. The reasons to remain at home may be practical or sentimental, but for many seniors, a significant support network must be put in place to help this happen.

Library System Database Design

Library System Table Relationship

Title: Library System Database Design


The Library System is a computer-based application used to automate a library. It allows the librarian to maintain the information about books, magazines and other library materials. It also allows the librarian to maintain and organize the information about its clientele or borrowers.

This project focuses on the automation of system process of adding newly acquired books, borrowing books and borrower’s information, returning of books, searching for the location of the books and printing of the inventory of books in the library.

City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System

City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System User Interface

City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System


The existing technology of City Social welfare and Development Office Data archiving Information System is adequate enough for implementation of the new software. City Social welfare and Development Office Data archiving Information System can only be accessed by an authorize user. Authorize users are prompt by the system to enter the username and password. The system administrator is the one who is allowed to provide user access to other users of the system.

On the software development and implementation of City Social welfare and Development Office Data archiving Information System, the researchers e employed the modified waterfall model in which is seen as the flowing steadily downwards (like waterfall) through the phases of conception, initiation analysis, design, construction, testing, production, implementation and the maintenance.

LAN-Based Electronic Medical Record System

Medical Record System

LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System

Purpose and Description

To develop a LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System that will benefit the patients of Medical Lab Clinic. The system includes billing, laboratory results and history of doctor’s prescriptions.

The objectives of the Electronic Medical Record System would be:

  • To have a LAN-Based Record System that will monitor the patient’s record and doctor’s appointments.
  • To easily retrieve patient’s record

Activity Attendance System using Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner

Finger Print Registration

Activity Attendance System using Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner

General Objectives

The main objective of this study is to develop an operational SUPREME STUDENT COUNCIL (SSC) STUDENTS ACTIVITY ATTENDANCE AND MONITORING SYSTEM using BIOMETRICS specifically it aims:

  • Easily and fast tracking of student’s attendance in every activity.
  • To minimize time consumption of finding attendance in a sheet of paper.
  • To minimize time consumption in signing of students activity card.
  • To provide a graph to monitor the most attending department in every school activities.
  • To secure the students attendance in every school activities.

BJMP Visitors Log Monitoring System (Web and LAN)

Visitors Log Monitoring System

Project Context

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) is using a traditional way of recording the names of visitors that would help jail personnel in securing the BJMP facilities.

In this study, the proponents aimed to design and develop an automated monitoring system for BJMP that would monitor visitors of the jail, provide accurate and reliable reports, promote awareness to individuals about the safety rules of BJMP. The monitoring system can be made accessible to the personnel and authorized users of BJMP for data safety and data back-up any computers. Only registered users are allowed to access the different features and functionalities of the automated monitoring system.

Information Kiosk System For College Activities

Information Kiosk System for College Activities


Info Kiosk can make a great way in updating students of any activities of school campus. Now a days, common problems faced by the student are lack of information in updating their different activities. So with the help of this system, the students now are update in an early time of information. Unfortunately, most of the school cannot afford to implement such system in a cheaper way. Preferably, in terms of daily updating of information, an Information Kiosk system can really help for a productive school. That is why this study is conducted to build such systems reliable and cheaper enough to be trusted by the student and school. It would be the best and easy to use this information kiosk system.

Business Permit and Monitoring System

Business Permit with Assessment and Payment System Free Download Complete Source code


Business Permit refers to the procedures followed by cities and municipalities in processing business permits (more commonly known as Mayor’s Permit) which must be secured by businessmen to operate legally in a locality.

Business permits regulate safety, structure and appearance of the business community. They act as proof that your business follows certain laws and ordinances. Requirements vary by jurisdiction, and failure to comply often results in fines or even having your business shut down.

Login Form without Database in Visual Basic .Net


Create a program in visual basic .net that will let the user to enter a username and password then the program will check if the username and password combination matches to the criteria set by the program.

Note: the program is no need for a database.


We will create a login form that has no database, to do that we are going to use an if else statement and operator And.

And operator is the logical as well as bitwise AND operator. If both the operands are true, then condition becomes true. This operator does not perform short-circuiting, i.e., it evaluates both the expressions.