Student Profile and Guidance Services with Decision Support System

Student Profile and Guidance Services with Decision Support System

Project Context

School Guidance Center is using a spreadsheet program for organizing and storing of records. For the hassle free searching and organizing of student records and other services of guidance office, the researchers tend to propose a system that will lessen the time of the user to do daily transaction. School Guidance Profiling and Guidance Services with Decision Support System have the capability to secure the data and information of the student which is the client of the school. On the other hand, it can also handle transactions that the Guidance Office offers.

The implementation of the decision support services for guidance office will be one of the bases of the guidance counselors in providing good services to the students by comparing the results and provide analysis to some services that needs decision. Moreover, the data given by the students will also be encoded in the system to ensure the confidentiality of the student’s information. Once the develop Students Profile and Guidance Services with the Decision Support System will be implemented, it would lessen the work of the Guidance personnel and it decreases cost and time spent to record all the data. It is also easy for the Guidance Counselor to manage the programs or services of guidance office.

Purpose and Description

Student Profile and Guidance Services with Decision Support System is highly develop for record keeping of the student and can provide decision support of Guidance Services:

Individual Inventory Services consists of all information gathered about each individual student in school. It also provide the needed data on home and family, personal social development, psychological test and scholastic progress that enable the guidance staff to assist each student more effectively. These data gives the counselor a complete picture of the student.

Information Service is an activity whereby descriptive materials and media are accumulated, organize and disseminated through individual advising or counseling or through planned group activities.

Counseling Services composed of Individual and Group Counseling. Wherein, it facilitates the needs of the parents/faculty/staff/others that referred the student’s to the office.

The system is a big help to the client for record keeping, securing and maintaining the data instead of using spreadsheet. It lessens the burden of the user in updating the record of the student in every semester. By the use of decision support system they can easily monitor the data of every service they manage. The system provides the improvement process of the guidance and those services that are needed to analyzed are presented for decision making.


This study aims to develop a Guidance Profiling and Guidance Services with Decision Support System. It will also aide the services of the guidance office in enhancing their programs by storing and organizing the data and information of the students. Specifically, the purposes of this study are the following:

  • Secure, organize, and maintain records and information for guidance office
  • Decrease or lessen the time spent for searching student’s information and doing some transactions of guidance office.
  • Maintain stable and efficient software that effectively meets the needs of the office.
  • Provides graphical presentation for statistical reports and DSS

Scope and Limitation

This study will be limited only to the boundaries of Student Profile and Guidance Services with Decision Support System for the development of the Guidance Center. The researchers focused in getting relevant data including data of the students, the system will able to keep all information of the students which is confidential. The systems will able to support the decision in the Guidance Services offered through the statistical report that shows by the system.

It has an ability to add, update, and print those data and important information about the students of the school. And it will show how many students enrolled every year.

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