Math Learning Application (android, lan-based version)

Math Learning Application (android, lan-based version)

Learning Mathematics in early grades is memorizing the tables that involve the four basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Memorizing alone does not help a pupil to understand the real meaning of the operation involve. Many pupils perceive Mathematics to be one of the most difficult subjects in school, and they believe that it requires mastery. To learn Mathematics, it should be fun and innovative.

Math Learning App - Lan Based
Math Learning App – Lan Based

Significance of the Study

Findings of this study may enlighten and will give information to the students current condition in their mathematical skills and level of interest towards the subject. Therefore, this study is considered beneficial to the following:

Math students

This study will motivate the pupils to become interested in Mathematics and pay much attention to the subject since Mathematics is not a boring subject.


Written and verbal expression is the most common teaching method but because of the abstract nature of Mathematics, it needs more than written and verbal expression. Thus, findings of this study will serve as a supplementary resource to enhance pupil’s learning in said subject.


The result of this study will provide relevant information to the parents that will               help them to have a better understanding in mathematical concept as they assist their children in home learning.

School administrators

The findings of this study may give information to the school administrators for the current responses of the pupils towards Mathematics. Thus, school administrators may support the Mathematics teachers and pupils to enhance pupils’ mathematical skills and interest toward the subject by providing an advance technology as a supplementary resource aside from traditional textbook to increase the mathematical skill in all levels.


The development of this study will serve as challenge to the researchers by measuring their knowledge using the advance technology since they are in the senior students in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. However, the researchers aimed to provide an educational tool to parents, teacher and pupils to improve pupils’ skills in Mathematics.

Future Researchers

The findings of this study may give applicable information for other researchers to think of another study similar to this research.

Data Gathering Procedures

The researchers went several procedures in gathering reliable data to be used in this study. First, the researchers sent a letter to the principal’s office asking permission to communicate with the key personnel of the school and distribute questionnaires to gather the needed data concerning their study.  Right after granted, the researchers prepared a draft of questions to be included in the questionnaire. After the questionnaire was completed, it was validated by the masters in Math and it was submitted to the thesis adviser as well as to their English critic for evaluation. After the questionnaire was validated, the researchers determined the Sample Size and proceeded to the school to distribute their research instrument. The researcher used the diagnostic/drill cards to determine the Mathematical skills, and an interview was conducted thereafter. The researchers personally meet the respondents to gather valid and reliable information. The respondents are guided in answering the questions considering that some of the respondents may find difficulties in answering the questions since they were using English as medium of instructions. After the questionnaire was evaluated, finalized and conducted, data obtained from the questionnaire was then tallied, tabulated, analyzed, and interpreted according to the specific problems, and hypotheses set forth in this study.

Math Learning App - Android App
Math Learning App – Android App
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