Home Surveillance and Automation

Home Surveillance and Automation

Project Context

Automation is one of the most significant achievements of technology. Automation is currently being used in many homes to improve security and convenience for homeowners. Nowadays, people adapt and utilize technology to make chores easier and more convenient. As technology evolves and develops, it now provides a wide range of home automation possibilities. One example is the creation of the capstone project, “Home Surveillance and Automation.” The said project is intended to be an all-in-one platform for home surveillance and automation.This includes 24/7 home security surveillance as well as automation, which will make it easier for homeowners to accomplish chores like as opening gates, running home lights, operating appliances, and so on. The project is extremely dependable in terms of safety, and it will also assist homeowners in ensuring that everything in the house is in working order. They can always ensure that their gates are closed and that all non-essential equipment are turned off. There are still recorded incidences of home intruders today, owing to weak home security and owners who have no access or cannot monitor their home while they are gone. The project will be developed by the researchers in accordance with the Software Development Life Cycle. The project will be tested for its efficiency and reliability for the users.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The project’s main purpose is to design, develop, and deploy a Home Surveillance and Automation System for homeowners.

The researchers are specifically aiming to attain the following goals:

  1. To improve home security systems.
  2. To keep a constant eye on household activities.
  3. Make it easier for homeowners to monitor their houses while they are gone.
  4. To create a method that will improve households.
  5. To assess the system’s productivity, efficiency, timeliness, maintainability, and dependability.

Significance of the Study

Home surveillance and automation are becoming more popular with the advancement of technology. Home surveillance and automation are two trends that are on the rise. The benefits of these two technologies are numerous. They can provide safety for families, as well as make life easier for homeowners by automating tedious tasks.

The success of the study will benefit the following groups or individuals:

Home Owners. The system’s success will benefit them by improving home security and convenience. The device will allow them to monitor their house status around the clock and regulate their home appliances more easily.

Researchers. The research will help them to design a viable home automation system.

Future Researchers. The technology will serve as the foundation for their version of Home Surveillance and Home Automation.

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Features of the System

  • Available in Android and IOS – this application is available and can be downloaded in android and IOS phone.
  • IoT and Bluetooth technology – this application uses Internet of Things and Bluetooth Technology. With the introduction of IoT and Bluetooth technology, we are able to connect to devices that are not in the same room as us. This allows us to access information much quicker and more conveniently.
  • Control and Manages Smart Appliances and devices – this application will be able to control and manage smart appliances and devices at home using IoT and Bluetooth technology.
  • Scheduler Module – this module will allow schedules of controls of smart appliances.
  • Notification Module – this module will allow the home owners to receive notifications.
  • OTP and two factor authentication – this application has authentication methods for more security. OTP is a type of two-factor authentication that is used to verify the identity of the person (or system) requesting access to an account. The token generator generates a time-based, one-time password which is sent to the user by SMS or email. The user then enters this OTP as well as their own password to login.


This study was carried out to evaluate the present mode of home monitoring and automation. The generated system was made accessible for input to its target customers. The developed system, according to the study’s conclusions, fits the demands and needs of the respondents and intended users. The majority of project participants commended the system’s utility and dependability in enhancing home security. As a result, the researchers concluded that the created method is a valuable tool for homeowners.

A Home Surveillance and Automation system is a computerized system that allows homeowners to watch their homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as simplify controls and management of smart appliances and devices.

The advantages of a home surveillance and automation system include greater security and convenience. Homeowners can effortlessly monitor and manage their home appliances and security with home surveillance and automation.

The difficulties encountered in developing a Home Surveillance and Automation system include designing a user-friendly interface and creating an efficient database structure. Creating a user-friendly interface is critical since it ensures that clients can utilize the system easily. To ensure that the system can manage large amounts of orders, an efficient database structure must be created.

Overall, Home Surveillance and Automation are beneficial for homeowners. They help improve secuirty and convenience. However, designing a user-friendly interface and creating an efficient database structure are important challenges that must be overcome. If these challenges are successfully addressed, then the Home Surveillance and Automation will be a success.


The excellent findings of the study prompted the researchers to strongly recommend for the system’s implementation. Because of the efficacy and dependability, it may supply to the intended clientele, the strategy is strongly recommended. The strategy will improve the entire experience of the homeowners. The researchers note that in order to make a successful transaction, one must learn how to utilize the system properly. Experts recommend that homeowners employ Home Surveillance and Automation to improve home security and convenience.

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Automation is one of the most significant achievements of technology and it is becoming more popular in homes as well because it can help reduce the amount of time spent on household chores. House Surveillance and Automation is a computerized system that enables home owners to watch their homes 24/7 and also ease up controls and management of smart appliances and devices. Home surveillance is a way to keep your home safe and secure, especially if you have children or pets. This can also help to deter burglars from targeting your home.  Overall, Home Surveillance and Automation are advantageous for homeowners. They contribute to increased security and convenience. However, developing an efficient database structure and designing a user-friendly interface are significant hurdles that must be solved. If these problems are overcome, the Home Surveillance and Automation will be a success.

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