EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code

EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code


The rapid growth of technology is the driving force behind the advancement of the commercial industry. It alters how individuals communicate and conduct business. The Edelivery Platform, which is written in PHP and MySql, automates delivery management of packages and parcels. It is a piece of software that will allow organizations to manage deliveries electronically from point of origin to point of destination. The features and functions of the system are introduced and explained in this study. In terms of successfully managing deliveries and shipments, the solution fills a gap created by the prior system. The SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) approach will be used to build the system. The researchers will collect a sample size of participating delivery companies, merchants, partners, and other end-users to test and validate the system. When IT specialists analyze the system, changes will be made. The researchers will refine the system based on expert opinion.

Introduction of the Study

Due to the fierce rivalry in the business market, corporate organizations have been encouraged to investigate and adopt the usage of technology to achieve a competitive advantage. This capstone project, titled “Edelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL,” is a software application that is meant to automate the tracking and management of package deliveries. The concept will enable businesses to electronically manage logistics and track every shipment of products from the point of origin to the point of destination. The platform will enable the individuals involved in the delivery or shipment process to keep in touch and track parcels to ensure on-time deliveries.

A courier company is responsible for the administration and delivery of cargo or shipments to their final destination. The organization is in charge of a range of responsibilities, such as calculating shipping prices, determining delivery parameters such as who will receive the products and where they will be delivered, and processing payments until the transaction is concluded. Handling shipping processes manually takes time and is prone to human mistakes. Businesses are looking for superior solutions to automate all activities to speed transportation cost-effectively and efficiently.

Proposed Solution

The researchers presented the “Edelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL” project in answer to the aforementioned concerns. The suggested project is software that would assist delivery companies in having an effective delivery management tool. The system will be used to manage delivery details, track and schedule couriered items, analyze courier performance, and keep consumers up to date. The technology will also function as a platform via which the customer or owner of the parcel will be able to access information about the package to be delivered. The client can track the movement of the couriered item by using the system.

EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code
EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code

Objectives of the Study

General Objective– The main goal of the capstone project is to design and implement a PHP system that will appropriately monitor and record the transactions of package deliveries.

  1. The system will aid in the management of the business’s records of shipment and delivery mission counts.
  2. The system would assist the company in tracking and monitoring the delivery’s movement.
  3. To create an efficient tool for managing products and packages deliveries.
  4. To serve as a platform where transaction records are kept.
  5. To evaluate the system in terms of usability, efficacy, productivity, quality, and dependability.

Scope of the Study

The primary goal of this research is to provide software that will simplify the management of deliveries and shipment details. The researchers aimed to equip companies with a useful tool for increasing business efficiency and client happiness. The researchers will collect a sample size of courier company owners, merchants, and clients to act as study respondents.

Significance of the Study

Courier Companies. This would allow them to give more efficient services to their clientele. Using the program ensures that the item is picked up and delivered as soon and as safely as possible. This would assist them in establishing a solid reputation and gaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

Clients. Customers may be confident that their products will be picked up and delivered as soon as possible and in good condition, owing to the system. They will also be kept up to date on the status of their packages.

Researchers. This is an opportunity for the researchers to put their programming, web development, and database design and methodology talents to use.

Future Researchers. The study can serve as their basis in developing their version of the project.

Development Tools

The capstone project, entitled “Edelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL” is designed to automate the management of delivery transaction details. The system will serve as a central repository for all information about delivery transactions.

This article will provide you with a concept of the forms that should be included in a Edelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL.

The project documentation is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the whole project documents.

Project Highlights

“Edelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL,” the capstone project, is a database-driven system that will automate the operations of managing information for various product shipment transactions.

The Edelivery Platform has the following benefits:

  1. Automated Information Management – the system will make it easier to access and manage shipping transaction details.
  2. Records Management is a database system that converts paper records into electronic records that are safe, accurate, dependable, and rapid.
  3. Report Generation — The system generates and distributes income reports and payment types automatically.

How the System Works

This portion of the article goes through the system’s features and how it works. The researchers will discuss the Edelivery Platform’s forms, modules, and user interface in PHP.

Admin Dashboard – this dashboard serves as the main page of the system administrator in the system. The admin can view and manage major records such as the total revenue, number of registered partners and merchants.

Shown below is the design of the Administrator’s Dashboard.

EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code - Admin Module
EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code – Admin Module

Merchant Dashboard – this page will allow the merchants to view major records and summary of their activities in the system. They can view and manage their ongoing deliveries, total money spent and balance.

The image displayed below is the Merchant’s Dashboard design.

EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code - Merchant Module
EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code – Merchant Module

Partner Dashboard – this dashboard serves as the main page of the registered partners in the e-delivery platform. The dashboard display their total earnings, withdrawn money and their balance.

Shown below is the design of the Partner’s Dashboard.

EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code - Partner Page
EDelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL with Source code – Partner Page

Credits to the developer



Today, all types of businesses attempt to thoroughly optimize their processes to achieve long-term corporate viability and success. To fully optimize their operations, businesses use technology to automate company procedures, improve services, and improve customer experience. The findings of the study revealed that the Edelivery Platform created in PHP and MySQL met the needs of the respondents and the system’s intended users. The majority of project responders and intended users feel that the developed system will be able to replace the manual method of delivery management, which is both costly and prone to human error.

Implementing a Edelivery Platform, according to the study’s conclusions, will provide an efficient manner of handling all important information surrounding delivery operations. All of the shortcomings in the conventional methodology will be remedied by using the system, and an electronic method will be developed, allowing delivery services and corporations to correctly handle client shipping transactions.


The researchers claim that deploying the Edelivery Platform in PHP and MySQL in businesses will make their jobs easier by allowing them to manage all information about orders picked up and shipping transactions. The system that is being constructed will be used as a platform for processing, modifying, and archiving delivery transactions. The system is well regarded for its efficiency and dependability in automating activities and recording customer, delivery, transaction, and other related data. The intended users of the designed system must be knowledgeable to operate the system properly.

Businesses should think about utilizing the established system to replace their manual approach to managing all associated shipping transaction information. The proposed solution is highly recommended since it ensures efficient courier information administration and computerized record keeping. Courier firms should use the system to manage shipping transactions for the sake of convenience, increased services, and client satisfaction.

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