Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP

Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP


The main reason behind the improvement in the business industry is technological innovation. Product and service-centric firms want their customers to be as happy as possible with their products. Tech support services are provided to its customers to assist them if they have problems using the items. The company will provide after purchase services to clients in case they encounter difficulties or they need additional service for the products they bought. Companies typically rely on traditional calls (phone and mobile), which cost the customer a call fee and are unreliable in responding to the needs of their customers. Because the service is provided via telephone or mobile, there are unforeseeable barriers that may prevent communication between the tech support staff and the clients. With this, the researchers of the study aim to design professional CRM Software to streamline service calls provided by companies to their clients. It serves as a centralized platform for the transaction between tech support personnel and the company’s clients. The researchers will create a system that requires tech support and clients to register to perform service calls. The project will be developed using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique by the researchers. The system’s target users are businesses and their customers, for whom the researchers will collect a sample size that will serve as the study’s responders.

Introduction of the Study

The main contribution of technology to the business industry is business automation. It allows businesses to operate in a centralized and electronic manner. The capstone project, entitled “ Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP” is a professional CRM software developed using PHP to serve as a centralized platform for service calls. Clients would be able to log in and make calls to the tech support if they had problems with their purchased products as part of the project’s feature. To solve the problem and achieve satisfaction, the tech support team will diagnose the problem and provide the necessary actions to take via phone call.

Businesses that sell a product to customers typically have a technical support team. It is their job to ensure that customers receive all of the benefits and satisfaction they deserve from the product they purchase. Customers who have trouble operating or using the products they purchased can call the tech support team at any time. Customers frequently report problems by calling or texting to allow tech support to diagnose the issue. This method isn’t ideal because it’s expensive and takes a lot of time and work. Customers may have difficulty connecting to the company’s tech help in some circumstances due to some barriers. As a result, the researchers have noticed an increased requirement to modernize the service call management system.

Proposed Solution

To address the issues previously mentioned, the study’s researchers proposed the development of a PHP-based Online Platform Service Call Management System Professional CRM Software. The proposed project is a service call management platform that would be more efficient. Only the technical support personnel of the organization and its clients will need to register in the system. Customers will be able to place calls by logging into the system directly, and they will be able to interact with tech support and request answers to the problem they are having. Keeping track of calls and transactions completed will be possible for the administrator. To make service call handling easy, fast, convenient, and effective the suggested project will be implemented.

Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP - Dashboard
Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP – Dashboard

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the researchers generally aim to design a professional CRM software for service call management to be developed using PHP.

The researchers specifically aim the following objectives:

  1. To develop a centralized platform for service calls.
  2. To provide tech support with an easy and fast way to address the needs of their clients.
  3. To allow clients to inquire about online tech services in a fast and efficient way.
  4. To seamlessly streamline transactions between technical support and clients.
  5. To evaluate the project’s output in terms of user acceptability, quality, effectiveness, productivity, timeliness, and reliability.

Scope of the Study

This study mainly focuses on developing Professional CRM Software as a centralized platform for service call management. The project will be developed in PHP and is limited to streamlining service calls, recording and storing service call details, calls, and income reports. The target users of the system are product-centric companies, tech support staff, and clients.

Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP
Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP

Significance of the Study

Businesses. The project’s success would be extremely beneficial to product-centric businesses. They can now effectively provide technical assistance to customers. By assisting customers in effectively using the products, they can improve the entire customer experience.

Service Providers/Tech Support. They will have a centralized platform for their operations, which will make it easier for them. They can assist clients directly and troubleshoot any issues they may have with the product.

Customers. They can now contact companies’ technical help immediately if they have problems with the things they purchased.

Researchers. Researchers in the study will get greater information and skills in establishing productive initiatives.

Future Researchers. Their version of the service call management system will be developed using the outcome study as a guide.

Development Tools

The Professional CRM Software Online Service Call Management System is developed to make service calls between technical support and clients more efficient. It is a system that is both efficient and dependable in terms of increasing total client satisfaction.

The types of forms that should be included in a Service Call Management System will be discussed in this article. PHP and Bootstrap were used to create the template.

Project documentation is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). For the complete project documentation, please contact us.

Project Highlights

“Online Service Call Management System Professional CRM Software,” the capstone project, is a database-driven system that provides a smooth service call management system.

The Service Call Management System has the following benefits:

  1. The business process is significantly easier to navigate – records management and report production are a lot easier to handle.
  2. Records management – this is a database system that converts paper records into electronic versions that are secure, dependable, and quick.
  3. Reporting — the system can provide a real-time income of the service call platform.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will explain the features and functionalities of the system. The researchers will discuss the forms, modules, and user interface of the system.

Book Service – this module will allow customers to book services in the in the system.

To book, they will input the following information:

  • Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Product Type
  • Select Service
  • Date
  • Time
  • Full Address
  • Message
  • Action – (Book, Cancel)

The image shown below is the design of the Book Service module.

Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP - Book Service
Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP – Book Service

New Team – this module will allow the admin to create new team of tech supports in the system. The admin can add, edit, update or delete information of teams.

The following information will be encoded in the system:

  • Team Code
  • Team Name
  • Location
  • Team Head
  • Contact No.
  • Category
  • Open Date
  • Created By

The image displayed below is the Create New Team module design in the system.

Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP - Create New Team
Online Service Call Management Professional CRM Software in PHP – Create New Team

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Customer happiness is one of the most essential objectives for businesses. This research was carried out to determine the flaws in firms’ tech support systems. The study demonstrates that companies’ pre-existing service school method has several limitations. The Service Call Management System was built by the researchers and presented to the intended end-users who participated as responders. The constructed system met the needs of both end-users and responders.

As a result, the researchers concluded that the system had a lot of potentials to improve service call handling. It will assist businesses in providing product assistance to clients and ensuring that they are completely satisfied.


The researchers highly recommend that the System be implemented. The system is recommended because of its efficiency and dependability, which may be provided to end-users. It will make it possible to conduct transactions between tech support and clients in a single location. The researchers also recommend that the system’s features be familiarized with the target end-users to appropriately use it.

The following are the specific recommendations of the researchers:

  1. It is advised that companies who provide product assistance install the system to conveniently accommodate customers.
  2. Customers are encouraged to register in the system so that they can immediately place calls if they require technical assistance.
  3. The service call management will be easier, faster, more convenient, and efficient if the system is implemented.

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