Investment Platform in PHP

Investment Platform in PHP


Starting a business costs a lot of money. Entrepreneurs must have a strong business funding strategy in place. As of now, there is numerous business financing techniques available for new businesses to accumulate funds. Attracting investors is one method of raising capital for a business. Nowadays, investment is becoming popular in business, and many individuals are investing as well, which is an efficient approach to raising money. Investing is one method that people use to develop prospective wealth. Individuals can protect their present and future financial security by investing. This capstone project delves into developing a PHP-based Investment platform. The capstone project, entitled “Investment Platform in PHP” is designed to allow entrepreneurs to attract investors using an online platform. Entrepreneurs can register in the system to look for prospective investors for their business. They can attract investors by presenting their business as well as the investment terms especially the return of investment (ROI). Usually, business entrepreneurs attract investors via face to face, wherein they meet prospective investors and present their business as well as the terms of investments. This cost both parties’ time and effort, unlike using the online platform in which the information is readily available. The researchers will develop the project following the step-by-step process of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The researchers will develop the project using PHP. The target users of the system are entrepreneurs, investors, and other users. The system will go through testing, checking, and evaluation to ensure its smooth functionality for the end-users.

Introduction of the Study

Business finance is essential for businesses. The researchers focused on establishing and developing an effective business investment platform for businesses in this study. This capstone project, titled “Investment Platform in PHP,” is a website that allows entrepreneurs to attract investors for their business and raise funds to ensure business stability in finances.

Before the widespread use of technology as a business tool, entrepreneurs got capital for their businesses through bank loans, personal investor searches, and other traditional company financing methods. With this type of financing, new companies and startups are at a disadvantage. They must have ties with significant investors who can back their funds, and the share agreement in this type of business financing is also quite involved. A fresh, effective, and dependable mechanism for companies to raise funds digitally is required.

Investment Platform in PHP
Investment Platform in PHP

Proposed Solution

In response to the aforementioned concerns, the researchers proposed that the Investment Platform be developed in PHP. The project is intended to empower entrepreneurs to electronically gather secure business investors. This project is a secure platform where businesses can advertise their need for investors as well as the information required to attract prospective investors. This platform will also provide considerable ease to investors by allowing them to easily explore businesses in which they believe their investment will generate present and future financial security.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the project’s researchers generally aims to implement a PHP-based Investment Platform for entrepreneurs to raise and secure investments.

Specifically, the researchers aim to:

  1. To create a platform for entrepreneurs to promote their business ideas and attract investors.
  2. To put in place a framework that would allow for the securement of company investments from a wide number of prospected investors.
  3. To provide an efficient and dependable investment platform for businesses.
  4. To design a platform for digital interaction between entrepreneurs and investors.
  5. To assess the system in terms of user acceptability, efficacy, quality, productivity, and dependability.

Scope of the Study

To provide a platform for digital interaction between entrepreneurs and investors, the researchers are working on creating an online platform for investments using PHP. The system is only for attracting investments, in which entrepreneurs broadcast their campaign or business idea to entice the public to invest. In exchange, the investors can obtain information and choose where they will invest and gain their return on investments. The researchers will assemble a sample size of business owners and investors to serve as study participants.

Significance of the Study

The success of the study is significant for the following individuals or groups:

Entrepreneurs. The success of the project will benefit them with an efficient and reliable platform to attract investors. They can now gather investors from a large number of participants or investors to establish their business idea. The platform will offer them an easier and simpler method to raise and secure investments for the business.

Crowd/Participants. The platform will allow them to look for new business ventures worth investing in. This will help them easily and conveniently select a company that will help them gain present and future financial security.

Researchers. The success of the project will further harness their skills and knowledge as researchers and developers.

Future Researchers. The study can serve as a guide in making their version of the investment platform.

Development Tools

“Investment Platform in PHP” is a capstone project that allows entrepreneurs to attract investors. This project is highly ideal for new business ventures to easily gather investors.

This article will provide you with an idea of the kind of forms that should be included in an Investment Platform in PHP. The template was created using PHP and Bootstrap.

The project’s documentation is accessible upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the project’s entire documentation.

Project Highlights

The Investment Platform is a website that will simplify and ease up the process of attracting investors as well as for investors to choose businesses where they can invest.

The following are the advantages of the Investment platform:

  1. Electronic Fundraising- by using the system, entrepreneurs can electronically gather and secure investors.
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes the records of the investment campaign electronic, safe, accurate, reliable, and fast.
  3. Fast Transaction – processing of investment papers will be easy, fast, efficient, and convenient.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will discuss the forms, modules, and user interface of the PHP-based Investment Platform. The researchers will discuss the features and how the system works.

Front-end – this is what the users see when they interact with the Investment Platform.

Shown below is the front-end design of the website.

Investment Platform in PHP - Front-end
Investment Platform in PHP – Front-end

Dashboard – This dashboard serves as the main page of the system’s administrator. The admin can manage the following information that is displayed in the dashboard.

The dashboard mainly displays the following pieces of information:

  • Total Users
  • Users Balance
  • Total Verified Users
  • Banned Users
  • Total Email Verified
  • Total Email Unverified
  • Total SMS Verified
  • Total SMS Unverified
  • Total Invest
  • Last 7 Days Invest
  • Total Referral Commission
  • Users Total BV Cut
  • Users Total BV
  • Users Left BV

Shown below is the design of the system’s dashboard.

Investment Platform in PHP - Dashboard
Investment Platform in PHP – Dashboard

Deposit History – this module will allow the administrator to manage the deposit history of the investment platform. The following information will be encoded and managed:

  • Date
  • Trx Number
  • Username
  • Method
  • Amount
  • Payable
  • Status
  • Action

The image shown below is the design of the deposit history module of the system.

Investment Platform in PHP - Deposit History
Investment Platform in PHP – Deposit History

Credits to the developer of the project.



This study was conducted to design, develop and implement a PHP-based Investment Platform. The researchers present the developed system to the respondents for evaluation. The result of the study showed that the respondents and intended users rated the system satisfactorily in terms of user acceptability, efficacy, quality, productivity, and reliability. The result showed that the system met the needs and requirements of the respondents. The majority of the respondents have seen the investment platform’s potential in helping entrepreneurs in attracting investors.


The researchers suggest that entrepreneurs consider the system in attracting investors for their business. For investors also, the researchers suggest that they register as members of the platform for them to easily browse for business campaigns that they can invest with. The implementation of the system is extremely ideal for easily gathering funds for a business.

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