Patient Health Monitoring System using Flutter and Firebase

Patient Health Monitoring System using Flutter and Firebase


The healthcare industry is constantly modifying its use of technology to improve the services offered to hospital stakeholders. A hospital is a facility where patients are treated and cared for. When treating patients, health care practitioners rely on their medical records. The patient’s information includes demographics, progress notes, challenges, prescriptions, vital signs, past medical history, and other vital records. Traditionally, patient information and records were managed and maintained manually. In addition, the researchers of the proposed system, Patient Health Monitoring System Using Flutter, have collaborated. They create a platform for tracking or monitoring patients’ vital metrics conditions such as body temperature, pulses, and heart rate. All relevant information will be kept in a single system. The platform’s intriguing component is that it will be created as an application-based system, making it easier for both end-users to catch up and access information. By seeing or obtaining information about their health in the installed application on their mobile phones, the patient can determine their health or measure their vital state. Furthermore, the medical team can view or easily monitor the health of their patients in a hassle-free and burden-free manner. The system will be developed using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method. The researchers will assemble a sample size of participating students, teachers, and other end-users to test and check the system. IT experts will also evaluate the system to make changes. The researchers will improve the system based on the suggestions of the experts.

Introduction of the Study

The widespread use of technology and smart gadgets in medical disciplines has had a significant impact on global health care. Most hospitals now employ an Internet of Things, which they find more convenient, easy to access, and an effective approach to monitor the patient’s status, because health should be prioritized in life. In this regard, technology has transformed medical knowledge into a solid platform that a large number of people may readily and conveniently access. Information is essential in many ways, particularly when it comes to medical information about patients in certain hospitals or healthcare facilities. The capstone project’s researchers, dubbed “Patient Health Monitoring System Using Flutter,” designed a platform suited for watching or monitoring the patients’ vital metrics conditions such as body temperature, pulses, and heart rate. All of the necessary information will be stored in a single system. The exciting aspect of the platform is that it will be built as an application-based system, making it easier for both end-users to catch up and access information.

The existing basic monitoring system of patients’ conditions was done manually, which imposes a cost burden on the medical staff, especially when there are a large number of patients in that particular hospital and they need to move physically to check one person to another. As a result, the medical doctor can’t monitor patients continuously, which could lead to an unconscious emergency that could occur to the patients. All of these challenges and problems will be eliminated by this new and improved application-based method for monitoring the patients’ important information.

Web Based Psychopathology Diagnosis System - Patient Medical Records
Web Based Psychopathology Diagnosis System – Patient Medical Records

Proposed Solution

To overcome the existing conflict on the basic form of monitoring the patients’ health and information, the researchers came up with the idea of improving and developing the aforementioned conflict. This application-based Patient Health Monitoring System built with Flutter will provide a broad perspective on the fundamental existing platform. The system’s researchers achieved significant progress by developing an ideal system that is error-free, good, and intelligent, reducing human work and time, and providing easy access to everyone. The proposed system allows both parties easy access. The patient has the capabilities to determine their health or measure vital conditions by viewing or retrieving information about their health in the installed application on their mobile phones. In addition, the medical staff has also the privilege to view or easily monitor the health of their patients with a hassle and burden-free.

Objectives of the Study 

General objective- The researcher’s overall goal is to develop a system for monitoring patients’ medical data, information, and health systematically and securely.

The researchers specifically aim to:

  1. Using flutter, create a monitoring app for patients’ health and information.
  2. To keep all patient data in a single and structured area.
  3. To develop a system that collects data in less time and with more accuracy.
  4. To reduce the time spent accessing the patient’s records, as well as the time spent by the patients.
  5. To develop an accessible and user-friendly application for end-users to access essential health information that is also linked to hospitals.
  6. To assess the application’s usability, productivity, maintainability, portability, quality, and dependability

Scope of the study

The primary emphasis of this research is the process of developing a Patient Health Monitoring System utilizing Flutter. The suggested Patient Health Monitoring System was created with end-users in mind. The system was designed for the benefit of both parties. Because this system is advanced, it makes it simple for them to obtain information pertinent to the patients’ health situations. Both sectors’ time will no longer be wasted because they will no longer need to be physically there to check the information. The researcher gives some surveys, clarification on the system, and any challenges that may arise when using the system.

Significance of the Study

The following persons or groups will benefit from this system

Administrators: This system will undoubtedly aid administrators by assisting them in improving recognition accuracy because they will have access to all relevant patient data. They may monitor the patient continuously with this device, even if they are not physically present at the hospital. Furthermore, this system will automatically alert them wherever they are, allowing them to complete their unique tasks without hesitation.

Users/Patients: It saves time and money spent on hospital visits because patients receive health care at home, eliminating the need for them to travel. It also eliminates the need for doctors or nurses to visit their homes unnecessarily, lowering overall costs for reading missions.

Researchers: The project’s success will provide them with new insights and expertise about how to successfully design an application utilizing Flutter.

Future Researchers: If they choose to construct their version of the suggested system, they can use the project as a guide.

Development Tools

The capstone project entitled “Patient Health Monitoring System using Flutter” will electronically streamline monitoring a patient’s health. The application will allow non-personal follow-up checkups and monitoring patients’ vital signs.

This article will provide you with an idea on what are the forms to be included in a Patient Health Monitoring System. Flutter was used to develop the said project.

Documentation of the project is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Feel free to message us for the complete documentation of the project.

Project Highlights

The project “Patient Health Monitoring System using flutter” is a database-driven app that will store information health information and records of the patient. The application will help in providing accurate and reliable health monitoring.

Advantages of the Health Monitoring App are the following:

  1. Automated Monitoring- the process of monitoring health status and vital signs can be done electronically
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes the records electronic, safe, accurate, reliable, and fast.
  3. Report Generation – The systems automatically generate and provide real-time reports on the patient’s health status, especially vital signs.
Patient Health Monitoring System using Flutter and Firebase
Patient Health Monitoring System using Flutter and Firebase

How the System Works

Flutter, Firebase, and BT Serial are used to monitor the health of patients. The goal is to make it easy and quick to keep track of a patient’s health in real time. There are three main parts: the patient’s phone, a Bluetooth ECG monitor, and a Firebase database.

The patient’s cell phone will be the main way the system works for them. It will have a simple Flutter app that shows the patient’s heart rate and ECG data. The ECG monitor will be able to connect to the internet and be controlled by Bluetooth. People’s heart rate and ECG data will be stored in the Firebase database, which will also have all of their data.

An important part of this project will be to make a simple, efficient system that can be used by doctors to keep an eye on a patient’s health in real time. It should be easy for me to use and navigate, but it should also give me all the information I need to make good decisions about a patient’s health.


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The purpose of this study was to assess the current method used by hospitals to manage patient information. According to the first findings, hospitals continue to rely on the old method of printing patient data and storing it in physical repositories. This method was discovered to be inefficient and prone to various errors. As a result, the researchers developed a Patient Health Monitoring System using Flutter to ease the maintenance of medical information and presented it to the intended end-users as an application-based solution to make access quicker and more pleasant for both parties.

According to the study’s findings, the created system meets the demands and requirements of the intended end-users and responders. Respondents scored the system favorably in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency, portability, quality, productivity, and reliability. The approach is regarded to be effective at inefficiently maintaining patients’ medical records. Using the system, managing patient information records will be straightforward, quick, convenient, accurate, and efficient.


Based on the study’s favorable findings, the researchers strongly recommend that the method be used. The researchers propose the system due to its efficiency and dependability, which may be delivered to the targeted end-users. End-users should also familiarize themselves with the system’s capabilities and functionalities before utilizing it, according to the experts. The researchers primarily advise hospitals to put the system in place. The researchers recommend that users download and install the app on their phones to facilitate access to health-related information. The application’s adoption is strongly encouraged because it will speed up and simplify the monitoring of a patient’s health.

Patient Information System with BMI and Diet Counseling BMI Chart

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