Movie App in Flutter Free Source Code

Movie App in Flutter Free Source Code


Even if life is great, it is human nature to unwind or escape from it at times. People spend time for pleasure and amusement, and most of the time they watch movies. People traditionally go to cinema theaters to watch movies. They have to wait in line to get tickets, which takes time, especially if the movie is new and there are a lot of people who want to see it. While watching movies is immensely soothing, the process of officially watching them takes time and work, which can be frustrating at times. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cinemas have been forced to close to comply with the government’s health procedures and restrictions. People are forced to rely on their electronic devices to see movies. People can view free or paid movies on a variety of platforms. This research focuses on the creation of a Movie App, which is yet another new platform for people to watch movies anytime and anywhere. The program would need to be downloaded and installed on the users’ mobile phones. After installation, people may make their accounts, and it’s up to them whether they want to use premium accounts or only the free ones, which have a limited number of free movies. The users can now watch movies anytime and anywhere at their comfort. They would not devote time and effort to simply unwind and watch movies. The researchers will create the project with the help of the cross-platform flutter framework. This is a platform for developing Android and iOS applications. The completed product will be checked, tested, and evaluated to ensure that it fits the demands and expectations of the end-users.

Introduction of the Study

The number of people who own a mobile phone has grown dramatically over time. Almost everyone relies on their phones to complete tasks. It has evolved into everyone’s modern-day facilitator. The capstone project, entitled “Movie App in Flutter” is designed as an online platform for users to watch movies in an efficient and hassle-free manner. The application will allow individuals to still watch movies and relax without needing to visit movie theaters. The application is flutter-based which is user-friendly.

People spend time enjoying themselves and amusing themselves, and the majority of the time they watch movies. People have always gone to movie theaters to view films. They must wait in line for tickets, which takes time, especially if the film is new and a large number of people want to see it. While watching movies is quite relaxing, the process of watching them requires time and effort, which may be unpleasant at times. Cinemas have been compelled to close as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic to comply with the government’s health regulations and restrictions. People are forced to watch movies on their smart devices. People can watch movies for free or for a fee on a variety of platforms. There is a need for an upgrade in the online platform to watch movies.

List of 45 IT Capstone Project on Crime and Disaster Management
List of 45 IT Capstone Project on Crime and Disaster Management

Proposed Solution

In answer to the aforementioned concern, the study’s researchers proposed the creation of a Flutter-based movie application. The aforementioned project is an internet platform for watching movies at any time and from any location. The program will enhance people’s desire to view movies at home, especially now that there are many covid-19 procedures and limits. The program will eliminate the need to go to the movies and wait in long lines to buy tickets. Users can unwind by watching movies without putting in too much time or effort. They may now watch their favorite movies by simply using the app.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The main goal of the researchers is to design, develop and implement a movie application using the flutter framework.

Specifically, the researchers recommend the following objectives:

  1. To design an online platform to watch movies.
  2. To supplement moviegoers with a virtual platform to watch movies.
  3. To provide an efficient and reliable platform to watch free and paid movies.
  4. To extend movie marathons beyond just the corners of movie theaters.
  5. To evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, efficiency, productivity, quality, portability, and reliability.

Scope of the Study

This study is all about the development of the Movie application developed using the flutter framework. The application is limited with allowing users to browse movie and watch it online or offline. If the users would like to watch the movie offline then they need to download the app. The target users of the application are movie lovers and goers.

Movie App in Flutter Free Source Code
Movie App in Flutter Free Source Code

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is beneficial to the following individuals or groups:

End-users. The end-users of the application will directly benefit from the success of the application. They can watch their favorite movies online in a fast, easy, and most convenient manner.

Researchers. They will have a better insight and knowledge of the project as a consequence of the investigation.

Future Researchers. This study will aid future researchers by serving as a reference or guide for their research.

Development Tools

“Movie App in Flutter,” the capstone project, is an online movie theater platform. It allows users to watch movies using only their mobile phones.

This post will provide you with an idea of what forms should be included in a Movie App. The application was created using Flutter Framework.

The project documentation is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the whole project documents.

Project Highlights

The Movie App in Flutter offers various movies that the users can watch anytime and anywhere. This is a virtual movie theater that does not require so much time and effort.

The Movie App has the following benefits:

  1. Convenience – watching movies online brought convenience to the users
  2. Records Management – a database system that makes information of movies records electronic, safe, dependable, and rapid.
  3. Generation of Reports – The system may generate real-time reports on movies in the application.

How the System Works

This article will explain the forms, modules and user interface of the Movie App in Flutter. The researchers will explain the features of the system.

Movies – this module will display the movies available in the application along with its description, genre and rating.

Shown below is the image of the Movie’s module.

Movie App in Flutter Free Source Code - Banner
Movie App in Flutter Free Source Code – Banner

Credits to the developer of the project

GitHub Profile:



This survey was carried out to evaluate the techniques that people utilized to watch their favorite movies. People have traditionally watched movies in theaters, which requires time and effort. As technology advances, a plethora of innovative ways to watch movies has emerged. Movies can now be viewed on a variety of devices and internet platforms. This investigation focuses on the creation of the Movie Application in Flutter. This is another creative platform for watching movies online. The researchers created the project and presented it to the intended end-users. The study’s findings revealed that the produced application met the demands and requirements of the target end-users.

As a result, the researchers determined that the produced application is likewise a reliable online platform on which people may view movies. They can open an account and choose the type of account they desire. Users can now watch movies in a simple, convenient, and low-cost manner.


Based on the significant result of the study, the researchers of the study highly recommend the utilization and implementation of the developed project. The application is recommended for its efficiency and reliability that can be rendered to the target end-users. The application is proven to be an effective platform to watch online movies in an easy, fast, and convenient way. The researchers also highlight the importance of having enough knowledge to use the application for them to fully enjoy the features and benefits of the system.

The following are the specific recommendations of the researchers:

  1. The researchers specifically recommend the utilization and implementation of the system.
  2. The researchers suggest that the target end-users should download and install the application on their phones.
  3. The researchers suggest that the users choose the type of account that meets their needs for movies.

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