IPO Model Conceptual Framework of AdviseMobile A Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of AdviseMobile: A Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System

This post will guide you on how to create a conceptual framework for the project AdviseMobile: A Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System using input, process, and output (IPO) model.

About the Project

The capstone project entitled “AdviseMobile: A Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System” is a web and mobile based platform for guidance consultation. The system support queries by users that seek for guidance counselling.

Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System Free Bootstrap and PHP Script
Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System Free Bootstrap and PHP Script

In most cases, guidance consultation usually happens in academic institutions. Students are the one who mostly undergo guidance counselling. In the conventional way, guidance consultation happens in guidance offices headed by the guidance counsellor. If the students are summoned or wish to ask for guidance consultation they personally go to the office and talk to the guidance officer. This kind of consultation system is inconvenient for both parties due to physical barriers. In most cases, conflicts in time occurs, especially that the guidance counsellor do not only attend to one student. Guidance consultation that are done physically will be very time consuming and needs a physical effort which would cause delays in other scheduled consultations.

Objectives of the Study

  1. The system will serve as a virtual platform for guidance consultation.
  2. To provide a system that is accessible and available to use.
  3. To design a system that would quickly address those who seek for guidance.
  4. The system will improve the respond time of the guidance counsellors.

Conceptual Framework/Model

The image below is the conceptual framework of the project entitled AdviseMobile: A Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System. It is based on IPO model or also known as the input, process and output model.

Conceptual Framework of Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System
Conceptual Framework of Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System


The input phase or the knowledge requirement stage consists of the following:

User Requirement – The researchers performed an interview with the guidance offices to discover their needs so that the team could create a suitable system that would address their existing problems.

Programming Knowledge – after determining the problems, a solution must be provided and that solution is in a form of information system that will be written in the programming language where the researchers has and adequate knowledge. The researchers will use PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap for the project.

Hardware Requirements – the system cannot work alone without the hardware such as the computer and mobile devices. The researchers had explained it to the user that they need that hardware to fully utilize information system.

Related Literature and Systems – the researchers conducted a research on the different literatures and related systems to serve as a guide in the development of the Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System.


Analysis and Quick Design

The researchers conducted a personal interview with the respondents and the chosen client where the study was conducted during Analysis and Quick Design. Respondents were given the opportunity to make suggestions on how the system should be designed. Following data collection, the researchers created an early design for the suggested system.

Data Analysis

All data, user requirements, and information will be analyzed by the researchers. This phase also allows the researchers to get a sense of how to build the system and how the suggested system would benefit the clients.

System Design

The researchers will begin work on the proposed system. It contains the design; how the system would look based on user requirements, and whether or not the researchers/programmers would like to add personal design to make the system more interactive and user pleasant.

Virtual and Remote Guidance Counselling System Free Bootstrap and PHP Script - Referral Reports

Prototype Cycle

During this step, the researchers’ data will be compiled, built, demonstrated, and polished. The researchers begin by developing a prototype based on the desired design and data tables. After it has been built, the prototype will be shown to the client. The researchers show how the system works, the flow of how it works, and the functions of the system’s features. The researchers will next fine-tune the system based on the client’s additional requirements throughout the refining stage. Changes to the feature flow and functionalities will be made in response to user feedback.

Testing and Evaluation

This will contain the feed-back of the planned system after it has been implemented and tested by three experts. It will also notify the researchers and developers if there are any errors, suggestions, or if the system’s functionality will function properly.

This will be a discussion about the implementation of the proposed system, with three (3) experts evaluating it. This will also include whether or not the recommended functions and suggestions are met.


The study’s ultimate output is a database-driven information system that will replace or assist respondents in managing operations in guidance offices. The system’s implementation is strongly encouraged.

The guidance consultation system, which is available on the web and on mobile devices, is a platform that allows users to seek help and assistance on a variety of topics. It is made up of two parts: a web portal and a mobile application. Users can browse a variety of topics on the web portal, while the mobile application allows them to get customized advice and help on the go.

The user-friendly and simple-to-use web and mobile-based advice consultation system was created with you in mind. Users can use it to look for topics and advice, as well as filter results depending on their preferences. A chatbot is also included in the system, allowing customers to seek immediate assistance from a virtual advisor. Users can also exchange advise and guidance with others through the system’s integration with other social media sites.

The web and mobile-based guiding consulting system was created with flexibility and adaptability in mind. It allows users to design and share their own personalized advise bundles.


Benefits of the System:

  • Innovation will always bring efficient and effective records management
  • platform wherein students could easily reach out for their concerns and ask for guidance from the experts.
  • Guidance counsellors have a convenient platform for transaction. They can easily complete guidance consultation session.


The objective of this research is the development of the study’s conceptual framework. In this study, the researchers employed the IPO model as a foundation for building the conceptual framework. The input phase, which includes User Requirements, Programming Knowledge Requirements, Hardware Requirements, and a Review of Related Literature and Systems, is the first stage. During the process phase, the researchers will use the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique to develop the system. The SDLC technique includes components such as analysis and quick design, data analysis, system design, prototype cycle, and testing and evaluation. The ultimate product of the study is a database-driven information system that will replace or aid responders in managing guidance operations. The implementation of the system is actively encouraged.

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