Registrar Grade Record Keeping System

The purpose of the study is to design and develop a Registrar Grade Record Keeping System that is accurate, fast, and accessible for the registrar’s office that will facilitate the record – keeping and issuance of grades; it will also provide smooth operation and can help the office to be more efficient.
The over-all mean of the study was interpreted as very good. The over-all mean score implies that the respondents were satisfied with the usability, content, and design of the Registrar Grade Record Keeping System. The features integrated in the system made it user-friendly and helpful to the registrar, department chairman, faculty, and to the students as well.

The Registrar Grade Record Keeping System shall be limited to the front-end users such as the faculty, department head, registrars’ personnel and staff to access the system; and back-end user such as the system administrator. A user ID and password will be issued to authorized users in order to access their user account in the system.

Decomposition Process of the System
The User’s Log-In Process will be designed to protect the system from unauthorized access. Authorized users are prompted to enter their user ID and password. This includes the back-end users and the front-end users. The back-end users are the system administrator and head of Registrar’s Office who have access on user accounts, and database maintenance. The front-end users are the registrar’s staff and teachers who have access to: student’s profile, grade sheets, and other features of the system.
The Grade Sheet Process will allow faculty to input student’s grades in the system.
The Reports Process will allow authorized users of the system to print grade sheets, student grade record, population report, and users log report.
The Database Maintenance Process will allow the system administrator to manage data and backup the system.
The Help Assistant Process will be designed to assist the authorized users on how to use the different features of the system.

Network Architecture. The system shall be installed in the main server employing the star topology and adapts a Local area Network (LAN) connection specifically in the ICT Department. Hubs will be used for network connections. The hub is a device wherein many computers can connect to a server for sharing of data and information and it connects computers within the limited area only. A back-up server will be provided to assist the main server in-case the main server bug downs.
Authorized registrar’s office staff can utilize the system through the school’s Intranet. The developed system can be accessed by Faculty members in their respective departments where one (1) computer unit was installed.

The researchers’ recommended the use of Registrar Grade Record Keeping System in facilitating the record – keeping and issuance of grades for the Registrar’s Office.

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