Computerized Daily Time Record System in Visual Basic 6.0

System Features and Modules:

Computerized Daily Time Record

Computerized Daily Time Record

Department – Display the list of departments available in your organization, you are also able to create, update and delete records of department.

Designation – Display the list of all designation or position and their respective description, you can also create a new designation, update the record and delete a certain record.

Employees information – List of all employees together with their personal information such as name, employee number, designation and the department where the certain employee were assigned. Creating a new record, updating and deleting of records can also be done in this module.

DTR or the Front screen – this form is intended for the employees, it is where the employee will enter his/her employee number with his/her corresponding password and display the lists of his/her time-in and time-out.

Report – this module will provide information of a certain employee’s record of his/her attendance or the list of his/her time-in and time-out.

Back-up – It allows the user to securely copy all the data in the system that is stored and in order to use it for future purposes.

Restore – It allows the user to return records to its place or to put back records into their original position.



3 Responses to Computerized Daily Time Record System in Visual Basic 6.0

  1. jojo says:

    how get i get the access password??asap

  2. lady rose dellota says:

    how can i get a source code in visual basic 6.0 or visual basic 2010

    • says:

      we are preparing the download archive for source codes, for the meantime you can pm the developer of the system on fb
      Rolan Algara

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