QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification

QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification

Livestock breed identification is an essential aspect of livestock management. It helps farmers to keep accurate records of their animals and make informed decisions about breeding and sales. One of the newest innovations in livestock breed identification is the QR code based collar. This collar allows for quick and easy identification of livestock using a smartphone or other mobile device. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of QR code based collars for livestock breed identification, and how they can help farmers to improve their livestock management practices. So, whether you’re a small-scale farmer or a large livestock operation, keep reading to learn how this technology can benefit you.

Project Context

It is critical for livestock farmers to determine the breeds of the livestock existing on their farms. Livestock breeding guarantees that agricultural animals continue to improve generation after generation. The best animals are used as parent-animals after various animal features are measured. Breeders give livestock farmers with the next generation of animals in this way. Identifying livestock breed enables producers to maintain track of an animal’s health history, production records, and other important information that a livestock farmer must be aware of. Proper breed records enable livestock farmers to make informed Livestock Breed management decisions. In many cases, a livestock producer must be able to swiftly recognize a specific breed of livestock. This task is made more efficient by a successful system. As a result, the researchers proposed that a Livestock Breeding Identification utilizing QR Code Based Collar be attached to each livestock. The system read data from the collars attached to individual livestock. The technology will be able to read the QR Code on the collar, which provides all of the information needed to identify the breed of the particular livestock. These data are transferred to a central collection location, where a computer-based records system organizes, analyzes, and stores them. The technology would make it easier for livestock farmers to identify the breeds of the numerous animals on their farm. The technology will assist livestock farmers in making intelligent decisions in order to produce on-going generations of livestock on the farm.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – In general, the capstone project aims to use the concept of QR Code Based Collar in order to identify livestock breed in the animal farm.

Specific objectives of the capstone project are the following:

  1. To design a QR code based collar attach to different livestock.
  2. The system will be used to identify various type of livestock breed using only QR Code.
  3. To design a system that will easily scan QR Code in the animal’s collar to identify its breed.
  4. The system will serve as a repository of the different information about various breed of livestock.
  5. To evaluate the system in terms of efficiency, productivity, quality, reliability, and maintainability.
IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Cloud Based Farm Management Assistant System

Features of the System

Here are some possible features for a QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification project that can be implemented in web and mobile technologies:

QR Code generation: The system can generate unique QR codes for each animal that contains important information about the breed, age, and other relevant data.

Mobile app integration: Farmers or livestock managers can use a mobile app to scan the QR code on the collar and instantly access information about the animal.

GPS tracking: The collar can be equipped with GPS technology that allows the farmer or manager to track the animal’s location and monitor its movement.

Health monitoring: The collar can be designed to monitor the animal’s health and alert the farmer or manager if any issues arise.

Data analytics: The system can collect and analyze data on each animal, including its breed, age, health, and location, to help farmers make informed decisions about breeding, feeding, and other management practices.

Real-time alerts: The system can send real-time alerts to the farmer or manager if an animal is in distress, has escaped, or requires medical attention.

Integration with existing systems: The system can be designed to integrate with existing livestock management systems, such as those used for breeding, feeding, and tracking.

User-friendly interface: The system can have a user-friendly interface that allows farmers or managers to easily access and manage information about their livestock.

Multi-platform compatibility: The system can be designed to work seamlessly across web and mobile platforms, making it accessible to farmers and managers regardless of their location or device.

Customizable settings: The system can allow farmers or managers to customize settings for each animal, including alerts, notifications, and tracking preferences.

Significance of the Study

The success of the study will benefit the following:

Animal Farm Owners. This application would be highly helpful to them in determining the breeds of the livestock in their farm. With this, they can easily scan the QR Code in the Collar of every animal to gather information about them.

Researchers. The capstone project is a challenge on the part of the researchers for it includes machine learning theories and application. The process and result of the capstone project will give the researchers an additional knowledge as well.

Future Researchers. The project is very beneficial to the next batch of researchers for they can use the output of this capstone project in building and upgrading a similar study to this one.

Both farmers and veterinarians can profit greatly from QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification. With the aid of this technology, farmers can quickly identify the breeds of their livestock, monitor their development and health, and control feeding regimens. Farmers can quickly identify each animal and give them the care they need thanks to this function, which saves them time and money. They may also maintain a thorough record of the health and development of each animal thanks to it. This technology can also help veterinarians, since it gives them a simple way to recognize the livestock and their breeds, making it simpler for them to administer the required medical care.

With a computer or a mobile phone, farmers and veterinarians can quickly retrieve the data recorded in the collar. Real-time data makes it simpler to watch the livestock’s growth and keep an eye on their health. The system also enables remote livestock monitoring, saving farmers time and allowing them to focus on other farm tasks.

Additionally, the QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification aids in disease control and the tracking of livestock movements. Movements of farm animals can be easily tracked, which aids in the prevention and management of disease. Farmers can easily isolate sick animals and stop the spread of disease by tracking the movement of their livestock. This feature is especially useful in outbreak situations, as prompt isolation and treatment of sick animals can stop the disease from spreading to other animals.

Dairy Farm Management System ER Diagram - Step 2 Table Relationship
Dairy Farm Management System ER Diagram – Step 2 Table Relationship


The study was carried out by the researchers in order to design, develop, and deploy a QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification. The built technology was made available to the target users and responders of the study. The system received positive feedback from respondents and intended end-users in terms of user acceptability, efficacy, dependability, productivity, and quality. The vast majority of respondents saw the system’s potential. As a consequence, the researchers determined that the application is a useful tool for supporting end-users in readily identifying animal breeds in the farm and collecting all pertinent information.


The importance of the study’s findings prompted the researchers to strongly advocate for the system’s implementation. Adoption of the system will allow end-users who want an efficient and convenient way to identify animals in their farm. Because of its effectiveness and dependability, the method is highly recommended for providing individuals with a reliable breed identification system.

The researchers’ main recommendations are as follows:

  1. Users should consider using the system for them to easily and efficiently identify livestock’s breed.
  2. The researchers recommend that users become knowledgeable about how to use the system to effectively use and scan QR Code in the collar.
  3. Because of the efficiency and consistency, it can provide to the intended end-users, the system is recommended.

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Identifying livestock breed allows producers to keep records on an animal’s health history, production records and other essential information that a livestock farmer must know. Accurate records of the breed allow the livestock farmer to make Livestock Breed management decisions wisely. With this, the researchers developed a QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification. The researchers concluded that the application is a beneficial tool for assisting end-users to easily identify breed of livestock in the farm as well as collect all its related information. The method is highly recommended due to its effectiveness and dependability, which may support individuals with a reliable breed identification system. In summary, QR Code Based Collar for Livestock Breed Identification is a valuable tool for livestock management that offers numerous benefits to farmers and veterinarians. It enables easy identification of livestock breeds, tracking of growth and health progress, and remote monitoring of livestock. The technology also helps in disease control and prevention, making it a crucial investment for livestock farmers.

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