Enrollment System in Visual Basic

The features of the system will focus on: login/logout services, administrator’s module, registrar’s module, enrolment/cashier module, database maintenance, and help assistant.

Log-in/Log-out Services, refers to one of the features of the proposed system that will require authorized users to enter their user ID and password to be able to access their user account in the administrator’s module, registrar’s module, and enrolment/cashier module.

Administrator’s Module, allows the school administrator to manage sections, year level, school year (set active school year – used in current enrollment), subjects, faculty and staff.

Registrar’s Module, allows the registrar office staff to manage students credentials, view list of enrolled students, view student records and input grades.

Enrolment/Cashier Module, allows the cashier to view enrollment statistics, enrolled student complete details, record payments, manage fees and student ledger.

Database Maintenance, refers to one of the features of the system wherein the administrator can update students’ records, manage data and transaction log files, and backup the system.

Help Assistant, which contains instructions on how to use the system.

The proposed project can generate the following outputs, these are: user’s log report, list of enrolled students, enrollment summary reports, payments and collectibles, and student ledger.

The proposed project offers several benefits for the school administration, office staff and the student which include the following: admission officer can easily update student record, evaluate students, provides list of student subjects, record payments, provides list of collectibles, and manage credentials such as Form 137.

This project will provide an enrolment database for the school. It will store student’s record such as student’s name, year, section, schedule, and school fees.

It may also be use by the finance department of the school for their school fees. The database is designed for use by staff and other authorized user in the registrar office to enable them to easily produce information required by the different people in the school. The database system will make the enrolment and collection of fees for the school easy and fast.

The completion of the design and development of software will depend upon meeting the following goals and objectives:

  1. To minimize the effort of the teacher-in-charge or the enrolling officer in updating student’s record.
  2. To speed up the enrollment process in all year levels.
  3. To provide a database for student’s files so that the enrolling officers would easily update records.
  4. To provide enrollment and record keeping software that is fully accessible through Local Area Network (LAN) of the school.

5.  To generate reports that is fast, reliable and accurate.

System Functionality

CES Administrator – The log-in and log-out services, one of the features of CES, will prompt authorized users to enter user id and password. The administrator is the only authorized user of the system who can access all the features of the proposed CES software. It has a database that can be updated and maintained by the administrator.

Admin Module
Admin Module

CES Registrar – The registrar’s office staff are prompt by the system to enter their user id and password. The staff may input grades of students and validate them.

CES Cashier – The cashier is prompt by the system to enter their user id and password. Upon successful login in the system, the cashier may view the enrollment statistics and students’ complete details. The cashier may receive payments and print receipt.

Cashier Module
Cashier Module

Students – students can view their balance, credentials and grades. Student ID serves as their username and password to access the said features.

Student Module
Student Module

The expected outputs of the proposed system are the following:

  • List of enrolled students,
  • enrolled student complete details,
  • student grades and credentials,
  • user log report,
  • enrollment statistics, and
  • student ledger.
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    1. you can download our enrollment system written in vb6 for free kindly look and search in the download section of our site.
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