Cashiering and Student Account System

Cashiering and Student Account System in Visual Basic 6

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1. Process Payment Payment and Assessment of students.

2. Preview the payment history of students.

3. Real time balance of students.

4. View the income of every departments

5. Monitor User’s Log.

6. Back-up and Restore Option.

Back-end users

Database Administrator – Maintains and manages the table entries of files; the user accounts; and updating of data.

Front-end users

Students/Parents – One who has access to student accounts feature which displays the total assessment, total payment, amount due, and etc.

Cashiers – One who receives payments and updates students accounts.

 Network Architecture. The system shall be installed on a  main server and will have a back-up server which is intended to provide secondary storage for data in case of breakdown of the main server.

The proposed system shall be accessed by authorized users through the school’s intranet where users can use computers located in the finance office, and computer units will be placed on each department for students and parents to access the system.

The back-end users will have the access rights of a system administrator and the front-end users are the cashiers, students, and parents.

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22 thoughts on “Cashiering and Student Account System

    1. Good day. just download the system and try to explore the features of the system.

      TY and Happy Coding.

        1. User Accounts

          username: admin
          password: admin

          username: cashier2010
          password: 123

          Student sample
          user id: 0045-10
          password: 0045-10

  1. i am new programmer. can i ask why every time i download sample programs its says path not found or its either MNDS is not install , must have start up form or sub main()

    1. Good Day!

      could you be more specific about your problem and please take a screenshot and upload it on our facebook page.

      thank you and happy coding

  2. Hello Po I just download the code of your Program. It is nice po. pero paano o i open yong Lock database file please help po thank you.

  3. Hello What is the heading of your e mail. I can’t found it in my inbox nor in my spam folder. Please reply. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi! what do you mean heading of my email?
      kindly contact this number for more info about the Cashiering system

  4. Hi! I just downloaded your program and it is pretty cool but I can’t access your database. Every time I click on the button that opens the database it will send me an error. How can I fix it? Or how can I get the copy of your database?

  5. Good day!!
    can i have a copy of the full content of cashiering and student account system for my thesis..please..and most important is the exemplary use case of the sytem..please.please..thank you

  6. This will go a long way in helping me with my coding. I hope to learn a lot. I am unable to open the database. What is the password? Thanks

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