Computerized Library System in Visual Basic 6.0

Computerized Library System using Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end and MS Access as the back-end

The system would provide basic set of features to add/update student’s information, add/update books information, search for books and manage check-in/check-out processes.

 System’s Mechanics:

The following are the mechanics of the system with its corresponding description.

Log-in/out Menu – In log-in option the system verifies the user account information and grant access to the application if the information such as username and password are correct. Log-out option is used to exit or close the application.

User account – User accounts allow you to add, edit, update and delete users to the system. There are two types of users; the administrator and the users. The administrator’s type of users has complete and unrestricted access to the application. The user type of user possesses some restrictions.

Note: You must log in as an administrator

Back-up – It allows the user to securely copy all the data in the system that is stored and in order to use it for future purposes.

Restore – It allows the user to return records to its place or to put back records into their original position.

Books Information – Books allow the system user to add, edit, update and delete record of books. It also enables the user to view the record of books.

Borrowers Information – Borrower’s information allows the user to view the record of the borrowers and as well as to add, edit, update and delete their records.

Issue Book – In this section the system user enables to issue a particular book available in the library to the particular borrower. In addition you can view the books that have been borrowed in the library.

Returned Book – In this option the user enables to accept a particular book that have been borrowed and determine if the book was returned before its due date. In addition you can also view the record of unreturned books.

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24 thoughts on “Computerized Library System in Visual Basic 6.0

  1. please help with my library system
    for my thesis
    can you please show the video tutorial of creating the library system..

    thank a lot.

  2. to whom it may be possible, please help me about admission and result processing mis for a secondary school. thnx!

  3. how to back-up and restore data in my mysql database with my vb6.0 enrollment system that i made.??

    just like yours but its ms access…thank you very much

  4. Dear sir
    Your Project Not Run Time Eror 339

    What is This Please Help me and Send Me Info on My Email

    Best Regards

  5. I cant open your thesis, whats the username and password also can I have a video tutorial. I just need it for my thesis project. Your help would mean a lot to me.

  6. hello sir.. im trying to use your Library system but i dont know your log in accounts. the username and the password. please reply.

  7. sir can you send me the proposal and documentation for library system? for my thesis. please! thankyou po

    1. good day!, you can actually download our library system in php mysql, please visit the download page of our website

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