Web-based Inventory System Free Source code in Bootstrap and PHP

Web-based Inventory System Free Source code in Bootstrap and PHP


The capstone project entitled Web-based inventory system use technology in the context of a corporate enterprise, specifically in the inventory process. It is used to make inventors more reliable and accurate. In a business where records are held on a web-based platform, this technical solution will improve inventory management or operations. This web-based inventory system is a strategy that allows organizations to manage inventories more accurately and efficiently through the use of the internet. Because the organization processes data manually without backing it up or storing it, the current inventory management procedures are likely to be challenging to manage. As a result, data discrepancies and errors occur. It’s also all too easy to make a mistake and switch details, resulting in data input errors or handwritten orders. Producing reports is also time-consuming and costly, requires duplicate data entry, and, most importantly, is insecure.

The goal of this project is to close the gaps left by the preceding one. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method will be used to develop the system. To test and check the system, the researchers will gather a sample size of participating students, teachers, and other end users. To make adjustments, IT specialists will examine the system. Based on expert feedback, the researchers will fine-tune the approach.

Introduction of the Study

Computers evolved from a spontaneous, inventive concept to the world’s most important instrument. Computers are now employed to replace manual operations and other earlier inventions such as the radio and television. People now use it to do things in a much simpler, easier, and faster manner. Some utilized it as a pastime, while others used it as a source of income. Technology has progressed at a breakneck pace over the years. Its latest inventions assist in answering people’s more complicated questions. People use technology for a variety of reasons, with computers being one among them. Some people use it for transactions, while others find it useful in education and data storage. In this case, the capstone project “Web-based inventory system” employs technology in the context of a business enterprise, specifically, a business process is known as inventory.

This technical solution will improve inventory management or operation in a business where records are kept on a web-based platform. This web-based inventory system is an online-based technique that allows businesses to manage inventories more correctly and efficiently. The present methods for managing inventory are likely to be difficult to manage since the company processes the data manually without backing it up and storing it. This leads to data inconsistencies and errors. It’s also all too easy to switch details by accident, resulting in discrepancies in data entry or handwritten orders. Producing reports is also time-consuming and costly, duplication of data entry is unavoidable, and most importantly, it lacks security.

Proposed solution

As a response to the above-mentioned problem, this project aims to design a system that assists in inventory management in a company enterprise. After experiencing various issues with the manual mode of transaction, this capstone project was designed to fit this system implementation. This system can assist businesses in their inventories by simplifying the process of storing and managing the data they require for future usage, as well as making file retrieval easier than the manual procedure. It enables them to efficiently and effectively record and manage inventories, resulting in data consistency and accuracy. This system is an online depiction of manual inventory performed in a company firm, and it aids in the improvement of manual inventory processes.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective– The system’s overall goal is to provide a system that aids in the correct and efficient inventory management transaction in a corporation.

The following are the Specific objectives:

  1. To emphasis the sales and inventory cycle, including how supplies are received, distributed, and balanced.
  2. To provide a system that simplifies the process of saving and managing files while also providing optimal file organization and storage.
  3. The goal of the capstone project is to improve the inventory process using manual approaches.
  4. The study’s goal is to develop a system that automates the inventory process, removing the load that manual approaches impose.
  5. The goal of this project is to examine current inventory management systems and identify areas for improvement.

Scope of the Study

The fundamental focus of this research is to develop a web-based inventory system that will make inventory management easier in a corporation. This system is designed for users in the sector of business who need to keep track of their goods and products. This technology will undoubtedly benefit them because it simplifies the procedure and makes transactions more effective, efficient, and error-free. Because it is driven by the internet, the data will be saved in this system, which will provide them with a large amount of storage. Because only authorized individuals would be able to utilize the system, the data will be more secure. It is beneficial to have it installed in a business since it can simplify the process of storing and managing files and provide adequate file organization and storage.

Significance of the Study

This study will benefit the following:

Company. The deployment of the system is critical for management, particularly in inventory management. Report generating will be as simple as clicking a button and will be more accurate than the manual procedure. They will make it easier and more efficient by doing this assignment. The system has eliminated the inconvenience, as well as the inconsistency of the data, and the inaccuracy will no longer be a burden.

Staffs.  Staffs are always present when making inventory because they will be the ones to inspect the goods and products to be recorded in the system. The system’s deployment benefits them as well because the system is designed to provide an error-free inventory and eliminate data inconsistency, so staff will not be burdened with repetitive operations just because some data is incorrectly encoded.

Business owners. When a business owner implements a system like this, it will benefit them since they will be able to conveniently track their items and goods once they have been documented because the system provides them with sufficient documentation and precise transitions.

Researchers. As a result of the study, they will have a greater understanding and knowledge of the project.

Future Researchers. This study will benefit future researchers because it will serve as a reference or guide for them to do their research.

Development Tools

The capstone project, titled “Web-based Inventory System” is designed to allow organizations to manage inventories more accurately and efficiently through the use of the internet.

This article will provide you with an idea on what are the forms to be included in a Web-based Inventory System. PHP and Bootstrap were used to develop the said template.

Documentation of the project is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Feel free to message us for the complete documentation of the project.

Web-based Inventory System Free Source code in Bootstrap and PHP
Web-based Inventory System Free Source code in Bootstrap and PHP

Project Highlights

The Web-based Inventory System is a database-driven system that will automate the process of conducting inventories. The system will yield a more accurate and reliable inventory.

The advantages of the Web-based Payroll System are the following:

  1. Automated Inventory – the system will ease up and simplify inventory processes.
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes the records of the inventories electronic, safe, reliable, and fast.
  3. Report Generation – the system can provide real-time reports of the inventories.

How the System Works

This article will discuss the features and functions of the system. The researchers will explain the forms, modules and user interface of the system.

Dashboard- this dashboard serves as the homepage of the system administrator in the system. The admin can access major records of the system in the dashboard.

The dashboard mainly display the following information:

  • Sales
  • Adjustment Table
  • Predictive Days
  • Low Stock Items

Shown below is the design of the system’s Dashboard module.

Inventory System Dashboard Module
Inventory System Dashboard Module

Company Setup – this module will allow the admin to manage details of the company. The admin can add, edit, update or delete company information.

The following information of the company will be encoded in the system:

  • Company name
  • Location
  • Contact No.
  • Tin No.

The image shown below is the design of the Company Setup module.

Inventory System Company Setup Module
Inventory System Company Setup Module

Expiring Items – this module allow management of expiring items in the company.

The following information will be reflected in a table:

  • Product Code
  • Product Name
  • Inventory Count

The image displayed below is the design of the Expiring Items module.

Inventory System Expiring Items Module
Inventory System Expiring Items Module

Free Download Source code


The cycle inventory of how supplies are acquired, distributed, and balanced is the focus of this study. It can help you with file organization and storage, as well as ease the process of saving and maintaining data. Given all of the benefits that this system offers, company enterprises may eventually adopt a system that can improve their inventory services more precisely and efficiently. It is decided that in today’s fast-paced business environment, we must consider using technology to manage company transactions in a more precise and efficient manner, abandoning all manual techniques in favor of refined and advanced approaches, which includes this capstone project.


Based on the information provided, the system is unquestionably profitable and advantageous to business firms and business owners in terms of monitoring and managing inventory transactions in a business. This, however, will not be a cause for concern because the initiative is seen as a solution to the problem of inventory management. Implementing a web-based inventory system, according to the study’s findings, will provide an efficient manner of processing all vital information and keeping track of records, particularly monitoring them. All of the shortcomings in the old methodology will be remedied by implementing the system, and an electronic method will be introduced, making monitoring operations more efficient and effective. This is the reason the researchers highly push to make the system into existence because of its benefits that are directly rendered to its end users.

The researchers of the project recommend the following:

  1. After experiencing several issues with the manual technique of transaction, it is recommended to implement and apply the system to avoid the errors and inconsistencies that the old method of producing inventory caused.
  2. The researchers strongly advise that business industries consider implementing and utilizing this type of system because it was designed just for them and will aid in the development of their business transition, particularly their inventory process.

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