Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification

Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification


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With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to execute jobs more swiftly. As a result of technology improvements, our lifestyles have shifted. People rely heavily on technology even in transportation. Nowadays, not everyone can afford to purchase a personal vehicle. The majority of people who cannot afford to buy their vehicles choose to rent one. Individuals who wish to rent a vehicle would traditionally go to vehicle rental firms to will look for vehicles that would serve and fulfill their needs, but the trouble is that picking vehicles that would serve and meet their needs while being used requires a lot of time and labor. People have less time and more jobs to do during this period, which necessitates travel. They demand vehicles that will transport them to their destination on time and in comfort. This capstone project is about the creation and development of the Van Reservation System using PHP. Vans are one of the vehicles that are popular for rental because it has a huge capacity for passengers which is ideal, especially during family outings or outings with friends. The aforementioned endeavor will digitally transform the procedure of inquiring about available rental vans. Van rental companies can utilize the information system to upload information about their vehicles as well as their rental rates. The company may also provide an image of the van to help clients visualize it. The concept would make it easier for automobile rental companies to do business with their customers. The project will be developed using Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approaches by the researchers. The researchers will distribute a questionnaire to aid in the development of the proposed system, which will define the system’s use. The likelihood of running into problems while using the system will also be addressed. As a result, the system will be upgraded and developed. The system’s intended users are car rental firms and their customers.

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project, “Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification,” aims to digitally alter the day-to-day operations and transactions of a van rental company and its customers. The concept is a portal that displays available rental automobiles. It is an information system that allows the van company to post and publish information about their vans for rent and allows consumers to browse available vans that will meet their demands. The aforementioned technology will improve on the existing system; instead of physically renting a vehicle, the consumer will just use the system. The system also has an additional feature in which upon booking vans, the system will also verify the emails of the customers.

These days, not everyone can afford to acquire a vehicle for personal usage. The bulk of people who cannot afford a car relies on automobile rentals. The problem is that finding vehicles that will meet their needs while being used takes a lot of time and effort, which is why individuals who want to hire a vehicle usually go to the car or van rental companies to look for vehicles that will serve and satisfy their needs. During this season, people have less time and more jobs to do, necessitating travel. They require automobiles that will allow them to get to their destination on time and in comfort. There is a clear demand for a simple platform for inquiring about vehicle rentals in a timely and hassle-free manner.

Proposed Solution

The researchers proposed the development of the Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification to address the aforementioned difficulties. The concept would make it easier for automobile rental companies to do business with their customers. It will be easier for the customers to look for an available van for rent and make a reservation for it. The administration side is in charge of managing the automobile rental business. The admin will keep track of all bookings, rental services, and maintenance. The user/customer must log in to their accounts for contact and booking purposes.

Objectives of the System

General Objective – The researchers generally aim to design, develop and implement an online platform to streamline daily operations and transactions linked to renting and reserving vans.

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. To create a system that makes renting transactions as easy as feasible.
  2. To create a system that is simple for users to utilize.
  3. To provide a vehicle rental service that is speedy, accurate, and cost-effective.
  4. To enable interaction between the administrator and the consumer independent of space.
  5. To make renting a van easier for customers.

Scope of the Study

This research focuses on the Van Reservation using PHP with the Email Verification development process. The project is restricted to van rental companies and businesses, as well as their clientele. The idea would merely streamline the process of posting information about available vans for rent and allowing clients to view them online, which will be convenient and hassle-free. The client will be able to book reservations electronically. The researchers will recruit a sample of automobile rental company owners, employees, and customers to engage in the study as respondents.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is deemed beneficial to the following individuals or groups:

Van Rental Companies. The idea will enable van rental companies to improve their operational efficiency and customer happiness. This will enable them to sell vans for rent to a broader range of customers.

Clients. The users or clients will profit greatly from the project’s success. It would be quite convenient for them to locate and reserve a van that would transport them to their location. Using this technique to locate and rent a vehicle would save time and effort.

Researchers. The success of the project will further enhance the knowledge and skills of the researchers in developing successful projects.

Future Researchers. The study may serve as their reference if they wish to develop their version of the Van Reservation System.

Development Tools

The capstone project, “Van Reservation Using PHP with Email Verification,” is intended to serve as a centralized platform for streamlining van rental operations. It will automate the publishing and browsing of rental van information.

This section of the article will provide you with an idea of the forms that should be included in the system. The template was created using PHP and Bootstrap.

The project documentation is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the whole project documents.

Project Highlights

The System is a database-driven system that keeps the information about available vehicles as well as transaction records between the company and its customers.

The System has the following benefits:

  1. Automated Operation – the system will make it easier for van rental companies to manage their operations and transactions
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes van rental companies’ records electronic, safe, accurate, reliable, and fast.
  3. Report Generation – the system automatically generates and provides reports of the rented vans and the income.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will introduce the forms, modules and user interface of the Van Reservation System developed using PHP with Email Verification.

Admin Dashboard – this dashboard serves as the main page of the system administrator. The admin will manage major records of the system using the module.

The following are information displayed in the dashboard:

  • Total Pending
  • Total Approved
  • Total Completed
  • Total Van Vehicle
  • Total Revenue

The image shown below is the design of the Administrator’s Dashboard.

Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification - Admin Dashboard
Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification – Admin Dashboard

Customers – this module will allow the administrator to manage the details of the customers in the system.

The following information of the customers will be encoded:

  • Id No.
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Location
  • Reserved Number
  • Total Amount
  • Date
  • Status
  • Action

Shown below is the design of the Customer Information module.

Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification - Customers
Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification – Customers

Front-end – this is where the users will land when they access the website.

Shown below is the design of the website’s front-end.

Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification - Front-end
Van Reservation using PHP with Email Verification – Front-end

Credits to the Developers of the project

PHP Pagawa Ng Website System


The study was carried out to evaluate the current system utilized by automobile rental firms in their day-to-day operations and transactions. The initial analysis suggests that most automobile rental companies still utilize manual ways to advertise their vans for rent. They accept walk-in consumers who require vans and then move to manual bookings. This strategy is deemed unsuccessful and will require far too much time and effort on the side of both parties. As a result, the researchers created a Van Reservation System and delivered it to the intended end customers. The study’s findings revealed that the produced system satisfied the demands and requirements of the respondents and intended end-users. The system’s use will result in more stable and efficient automobile rental services and operations.


Based on the favorable outcome of the project evaluation, the researchers strongly propose that the system be implemented. The idea launched is highly suggested for providing efficient and convenient automobile rental services and transactions. The system is regarded as very efficient and dependable by the intended end-users. The researchers also emphasize the need of understanding the system’s features and functionalities to use it appropriately.

The researchers’ particular recommendations are as follows:

  1. It is strongly advised that van rental organizations and businesses adapt the system to streamline, ease up, and simplify their everyday operations and transactions.
  2. Clients looking for vans for rent are recommended to register in the system so that they can search for a van for rent quickly and easily.

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