PHP Variables

PHP Variables

In this lesson we are going to learn how to declare a variable in PHP.

A variable is something that can handle a piece of information. Variable in PHP can store values such as text and integers. The characteristic of a variable is what we call a Data Type. The four basic data types in PHP are Boolean, integer, string and floating-point.

Every variable has a name, in PHP the variables start with the dollar sign ($).

Here is an example of declaring variable in PHP:

$varname = value;


  • Don’t forget to put a dollar sign ($) at the start of your PHP variable.
  • PHP variable must start with an underscore (_) or letter. Don’t start your variable with a number.
  • PHP variable is case-sensitive.
  • PHP variable can contain alphanumeric value. Special characters are not allowed (<,>,#, etc…).
  • Assign a value to every variable you declare.
  • PHP can automatically determine the type of variable depending on its value.

Example of variable that contains a string:

$name = "My name is Rolan Pascual";
echo $logo_text;

It will display My name is Rolan Pascual in your browser.

Example of variable that contains a number:

<?php$price = 98.5
;echo $price;

It will display 98.5 in your browser.

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